#223 Alex Boianghu: It Is Time to Heal

My guest, Alex Boianghu, is a dedicated and gifted therapist with over 30 years of study and practice. He uses an integrative approach to therapy, emphasizing psycho-spiritual growth grounded in somatic therapy’s focus on the unity of body and mind. Alex is trained in EMDR, a technique used to help people process and resolve trauma […]

#222 Ani Manian: To Choose Out of Desire Rather than Attached by Fear

Ani Manian, widely known as “The Mind Whisperer,” is a trusted advisor and Psychedelic Therapist to the world’s leading visionaries, entrepreneurs & leaders & the host of the “You Are Limitless” podcast.   He is on a mission to empower humanity with the tools to understand and master their mind so they can become limitless creators […]

#221 Kim Butler: The Money Mind Game

Hello there! ​​This week, my special guest is my very own personal financial advisor, Kim Butler!  Kim is Founder of Partners 4 Prosperity. Kim has shunned common financial products such as stocks, bonds, savings accounts and CDs in favor of alternative investments, private lending, and creative life insurance strategies outside of the typical financial planning […]