#222 Ani Manian: To Choose Out of Desire Rather than Attached by Fear

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Ani Manian, widely known as “The Mind Whisperer,” is a trusted advisor and Psychedelic Therapist to the world’s leading visionaries, entrepreneurs & leaders & the host of the “You Are Limitless” podcast.  

He is on a mission to empower humanity with the tools to understand and master their mind so they can become limitless creators of their reality and experience true abundance – an overflow of wealth, health, time, connection & freedom, anchored by a fundamental sense of safety. 

His signature program, The 8 Figure Shift, helps 6 & 7 Figure entrepreneurs scale to 8 Figures and beyond by doing the inner work to stop being the bottleneck in their business, work less and get their business to produce more.  

Ani guides his clients to step into the identity of the entrepreneur who already runs the business of their dreams, while operating in a state of peak performance and flow.

This allows them to live and work from a new baseline of extraordinary happiness, peace and play, get more done in less time, and achieve unreasonable growth in revenue and impact.

We dove deep in the conversation, and I am thrilled to share some gems from our chat with you (you will get the rest in the episode ;)). 

Ani starts us off with unveiling: “I see relationships as an extension of the self. So, whoever we are, as individuals, that’s what we’re going to color a relationship with…”

He goes on to explain that relationships are a third entity that has its own energy. So, let’s break that down… 

You’re you, I’m me, then there’s our relationship. That relationship has its own needs, energy, desire, etc. 

This goes for romantic relationships and platonic ones, too. In fact, the parent-to-child-relationship is where it starts. When we’re kids, we are this external object for our parents to project. So, all of their unrealized beliefs, desires, fears, relational challenges, etc., get passed down to us. And guess what? Then, THESE traits (good and bad) get passed onto OUR relationships. 

Then we externalize all our sh*t onto others– that’s how we see ourselves, that’s how we know ourselves. 


Ani also explains that when we don’t feel safe, we then *unconsciously* bring that into our relationships. So now we have two people that feel unsafe in the world, together. This brings lots of issues to the surface. 

To put it frankly, we are IN relationship with the other person’s shadow traumas. We get the full package and we have to handle that package with care. 

So, how do we fix this? 

We communicate. We learn how to be human. How to feel safe in our own bodies. To hold space for our needs. Learn how to communicate our needs in a way that is kind and respectful. To hold space for each other. 

Where we go wrong is blaming the other person for how we are feeling. 


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