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I want everyone to live the good life... a life of meaningful experiences. A life of wealth, health, and happiness. But unfortunately, most of what we’ve been told about wealth and health is flat out incorrect. I want to expose the truth. Join me in Austin for one of my life-changing WealthyWellthy events. I will teach you the systems and tools to make millions and feel like a million bucks. So that you can take charge of your money, health and happiness. And live life on your terms.

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February 8, 9, 10th, 2018...

Austin, TX

  • I tend to be an open-minded skeptic. Looking at the agenda, we were a little nervous. We thought it was going to be information we already knew. Within 10 minutes of getting there, we knew it was 100% worth it. We’ve totally reevaluated where we’re going in our business - and how to align our values with our work.
    Philippe & Noelle Till
  • I'm a conference junkie so I always come with a critical eye and ear. This was really terrific. It's not in the mainstream of what you learn anywhere else. It's really applicable. Challenges your own protocols. We did this for our anniversary gift to each other. This brought us back on the same page with money and purpose.
    Gwen Daubenmeyer
  • We've been married 28 years. We're always looking for opportunities to grow and enhance our relationship. This weekend has been so inspirational. We now have a purpose as a couple. And the methods we learned this weekend will help simplify our lives and make things easier to manage.
    Paul & Margaret Chiavini


  • Dr. Kirk Parsley

  • . Keith & Michelle Norris

  • Jim Lake

  • Dr. Anna Cabeca

  • Dr. Ann Shippy

  • Dr. Alan & AmyBeth Hopkins

  • Ashvin Chheda

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