#221 Kim Butler: The Money Mind Game

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Hello there!

​​This week, my special guest is my very own personal financial advisor, Kim Butler! 

Kim is Founder of Partners 4 Prosperity. Kim has shunned common financial products such as stocks, bonds, savings accounts and CDs in favor of alternative investments, private lending, and creative life insurance strategies outside of the typical financial planning “box.”

Kimis an entrepreneur who proves you really can have it all.

With a booming financial practice and a rich personal life, she’s also a committed coach who wants to help other entrepreneurs achieve for themselves the same kind of results she’s enjoying. 

In Sovereignty Academy, part of the foundation of what I teach is building your “team” and how crucial it is to the wealthy’s success. And I’m not referring to your business team, I’m talking Household. Having a strong and strategic financial team can move the needle to the tune of thousands and thousands of dollars. Think, CPA & Accountants, Tax Strategists, Investment Advisors and Brokers… you name it. 

We all need a team of professionals for guidance. And Kim is a crucial part of mine (and those in SA)… she has been in this game for 30 years… so it’s safe to say she knows the financial game pretty damn well!

During our chat, we focus on the 10 things small business owners could do right now to build financial immunity.

I’ll share here that #1 is mindset! 

“Mindset is the most critical thing. I CHOOSE positive. It’s a daily, sometimes hourly, minute-by-minute choice.” — Kim Butler

She goes onto say that sometimes physically moving changes our mindset– in fact, everything develops there!

So, where’s your mind at?

“Fear and gratitude cannot exist in the same space.” — Kim Butler

Kim’s Tips:

  1. A decision made in fear is almost always a bad decision. 
  2. Go outside into nature as often as possible. If this isn’t possible, then keep pictures of nature on your computer and around you. 
  3. Go on a ‘news diet’. 
  4. Once you can focus your mindset from emergencies to opportunities, the better opportunities you’re going to find.


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