4 Truths About Food (That Can Make You Rich)

I can guess what you’re thinking. “Why is Krisstina writing (again) on health?! Isn’t she the Falling for Money girl?” I am totally about money. It funds everything I care about. Including helping and inspiring you. But my biggest lesson about life was nearly losing it. That 2×4 to the head taught me something. Without […]

6 Ways the Paleo Movement is Revolutionizing Health

“It’s easy to lampoon. It’s easy to ha-ha about cavemen and bacon all the time. We get that and it’s funny,” says Keith Norris of the term ‘paleo.’ “But really my background is in political science, and I am of the mindset that if I define the term, I own the term and that’s what […]

#6 – Michelle & Keith Norris: Growing Old Shouldn’t Mean Getting Sick

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Knock Out These Five Goals

You’ve written your goals for the new year and toasted to wealth, wellth and happiness. You’ve overhauled your mentality and returned to work with a newfound tenacity. 2016 is HERE. This is YOUR year. You’re ready to hunker down and make things happen…but you’re not sure where to start. This is not uncommon. Drafting New […]