#218 Trey Kauffman: More Fulfillment, Less Fluff

Trey Kauffman is an entrepreneur, a podcaster, and an advocate for demanding better for ourselves. His goal is to empower others to look inward and find the happiness they deserve. His spiritual awakening occurred after realizing others don’t hold the key to his happiness, and through ridding himself of corporate toxicity, he was able to […]

#207 There’s More to Cannabis w/John Malanca

Episode Summary Guess what?! In this week’s episode, I shared my first EVER experience with drugs…! And let’s just say it was a funny moment I will never forget.  My guest, John Malanca, and I talked all about Cannabis for healing and this topic really hits home for me, as I’ve dealt with cancer within […]

How To Be Minimalist Over The Holidays And Still Have Fun

Whether you are new to the minimalist lifestyle or an old hand, the one time everyone likes to splash out and live lavishly is the holidays. What most don’t enjoy is the the credit card bills that show up the next month. However, the question becomes is it possible to be a minimalist over the […]

5 Reasons Why High Performers Need to Ditch Sleep Drugs

For high achievers such as myself, it’s easy to fall into the belief that sleep is some kind of luxury. In truth, this misconception is seriously damaging our chances at success. Your body needs healthy sleep, but for people like us, it’s the first thing to go. And if we’re the type to cut a […]