4 Truths About Food (That Can Make You Rich)

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I can guess what you’re thinking. “Why is Krisstina writing (again) on health?! Isn’t she the Falling for Money girl?”

I am totally about money. It funds everything I care about. Including helping and inspiring you.

But my biggest lesson about life was nearly losing it. That 2×4 to the head taught me something. Without health, life gets real tough. And at that point, all the money in the world only matters if it can save you.

So let me share 4 more truths I’ve learned about food. How the newest science on nutrition will save your life – and make you wealthy. And, I’ll give you permission to have that cocktail tonight. TWO of them!

This is part 3 of a 3-part series: 10 (Micro) Miracles for Optimum Wellth.

Click here for parts one and two.

#1: Organic isn’t a luxury. Or non-GMO.

Our current farming practices are killing us.

Micronutrients are so small, yet so powerful, that being deficient in even one can kill you. So it matters a great deal if most of the food you eat is depleted of these essential building blocks of life.

And the reality is, your food is woefully micronutrient deficient, because of our nation’s farming practices. Unless your labels say Organic and Non-GMO, you’re eating genetically modified foods that are sprayed with Roundup, also known as the herbicide glyphosate. GMO crops are referred to as “Roundup Ready.”

Roundup kills weeds by latching onto the essential minerals they need to live, thus starving them of micronutrients. The problem is, it also starves the crops. And these micronutrient-depleted crops starve (at a micronutrient level) the animals and humans who eat them. In addition to killing micronutrients (that you need to battle every known disease and condition), the World Health Organization published a report showing that glyphosate is carcinogenic (it causes cancer).

Here are some stats that should alarm you:

  • – 94% of all soy is GMO
  • – 90% of all Canola oil is GMO
  • – 88% of all corn is GMO (and this is in everything)
  • – 100% of Sugar Beets are GMO

Check your labels. I guarantee you at least one – if not many – of those ingredients are in most of what you eat. High Fructose Corn Syrup. Soy lecithin. Canola oil.

Another stat for you: Glyphosate (Roundup) is used on 100% of crops that aren’t organic.

So live a richer life. Buy Organic and Non-GMO to be healthier, get far more vitamins and minerals for your buck, and stop loading yourself and your family with carcinogens. Your wallet will thank you down the road.

#2: You are what your food eats.

You’re not what you eat. You’re what your food eats.

Miracle-8---You-are-what-your-food-eats---10-micro-miraclesEverything you eat is tucked away in your tissues – even the bad stuff your body wants to get out of circulation. Fatty tissues – like your brain – absorb the most toxins. You know. That organ that runs 100% of your body.

That alone should be motivation to eat clean! But what you may not have been told is that all the junk that animals eat is getting into your brain, too!

Just like you, animals are designed to eat natural foods. Cows naturally eat grass. Fish eat algae, plankton or other small fish.

Instead, farm-raised cows, chickens, pigs and fish are getting fed (I’m not exaggerating in the least) GMO, moldy grains and corn pellets (grown with Roundup), stale candy and chocolate, goose feces. They’re getting getting pumped with antibiotics and hormones. And no wonder. Because they’re living in environments filled with manure, disease, and absent of natural light.

I’m not a member of PETA. So I’m not making a case for animal welfare (although I’m tempted to after learning all of this). I’m making the case for YOUR HEALTH.

Unless you’re eating grass fed beef, organic pastured chicken and eggs, pastured pork, and wild caught fish, you are eating animals that are eating bad stuff and living in horrific environments. So your food is devoid of the micronutrients you need to live. And full of garbage.

#3: Food is not a religion.

You don’t have to “get religion” to be supremely healthy. And, you can drink!

We tend to eat in a daze, shoving food down our throats to satiate hunger as we sprint through our busy lives. It’s time to stop. Food is a source of of wellness and vitality, life and health. And as a result, a source of wealth.

But food is not a religion. People get so dogmatic about their macro diets: Bulletproof, Paleo, Vegetarian. I was, too. I was a religious Pescetarian. As a result, for decades I was missing a whole host of essential micronutrients that finally broke me down. My body held on as long as it could, but when I got sick, I didn’t have the nutrition I needed to battle disease and get well. My food religion almost killed me.

I’m now a convert. I’m a Nutrivore! What I learned (thanks to Mira and Jayson Calton) is that it doesn’t matter what the diet is, as long as you’re getting your vitamins and minerals.

Here’s the key. Understand what’s lacking in your way of eating, so you can supplement for anything you’re missing. If animal cruelty is a critical issue for you, I’m the last person who will try to convince you to be Paleo. But I do want to convince you to eat organic, non-GMO veggies and to use essential supplements, so you can get all of the life-giving vitamins and minerals you need.

#4: With food, the best laid plans willnot go “a-rye.”

Get smart. Get a plan.

Depositphotos_14134314_originalAs I’ve shared, my life-changing a-ha on food came from two things. My own brush with death. And the Calton’s.

My nutrition journey was decades in the making. I read it all. Tried it all. Got sick. Started to recover. I just wish I’d known about micronutrients a lot earlier. And that I’d had a real nutrition plan years ago. It would have made my journey shorter, less treacherous and cost a lot less money!

Here’s what I love about Mira and Jayson Calton. Their book – The Micronutrient Miracle – lays out asimple 28-day plan to start implementing new practices in your life.

It’s not a religion or that common diet bullshit. In 28 days, you will simply feel better, have more energy, and be a better version of yourself in all areas of life you care about. You’ll learn how to:

  1. Clean your pantry…there will be a psychology to that!
  2. Select nutrient-rich foods at your next trip to the grocer.
  3. Stress less, and enjoy life more.
  4. Exercise less (well, smarter, so you don’t have to as long)!
  5. Eat so you really satisfy all of your cravings.
  6. Choose the right supplements.
  7. Drink TWO alcoholic beverages a day (only if you want to)

So it’s not about going without, spending lots of money, or losing 100 pounds in 28 days. It’s about getting wellthy. And testing a philosophy that’s based on science and knowledge, so you know WHY you’re following a certain lifestyle diet.

So pour that glass of vino! Anyone can do this for 28 days. You can! I challenge you to get their book. Read it. And get your family to join you on a 28-day trip down nutrition lane. Then see how you feel!

Any questions? I’m covering a lot in these blog posts, and it came to mind that some of this might create more questions than answers about how to put these tips into action. If you have questions, Facebook me. I look forward to hearing from you!

I recently sat down to interview Mira & Jayson. I shared part 1 and part 2 over the last couple of weeks. Watch part 3 here:

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