#136 – Be Your Healthiest Healthy With Samantha Harris

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Episode Summary

Today on the Wealthy Wellthy Podcast is Samantha Harris. Samantha is an Emmy-winning TV host that has hosted on Dancing with the Stars, Entertainment Tonight, and dozens of other national network and syndicated programs. She is also a journalist, author, certified personal trainer, nutrition advocate and promoter of healthy living. Samantha shares her personal journey from cancer diagnosis to healthiest health with genuine warmth and unmatched positivity. She and her husband also founded an online community http://gottamakelemonade.com/ a community for finding positivity in adversity.

In this conversation Samantha and I discuss the journey to her healthiest healthy. Her journey began while being a mom of two young girls and careers flourishing then suddenly, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Samantha shares with us how she turned that adversity into positivity by teaching and spreading her message. We discuss some of her dark moments after her initial diagnosis as well as how it affected her whole family. Samantha gives great advice on toxins and how most may not even be aware they are affecting them. She also talks about lesson she learned on allowing others to help you in a time of need. She is so full of life and energy that just carries through the microphone I hope you enjoy this conversation.

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What We Covered

  • [3:30] Adversity – how to deal with and grow despite adverse situations
  • [5:25] Samantha’s life before the big diagnosis
  • [7:20] What signs were you experiencing prior to diagnosis
  • [9:56] Samantha’s new outlook on health after her crisis
  • [14:22] Healthy is much deeper than physical appearance
  • [16:54] We discuss Samantha’s dark time dealing with her diagnosis
  • [21:56] Find gratitude and believe your self-talk
  • [25:16] Getting to a place where the mantra becomes true
  • [26:57] Acceptance
  • [28:23] Unconditional love revealed and healing from those around you
  • [32:54] Learning to accept a helping hand
  • [36:51] Samantha shares a little the initial phase of her prognosis
  • [39:10] Gotta Make Lemonade
  • [41:59] A few of Samantha’s recommendations for your healthiest healthy
  • [48:03] Relationships and your healthiest healthy
  • [51:32] Samantha busts her big myth

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