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#137 – How To Build A Seven Figure Business With Mike Dillard

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Episode Summary

On this episode of The Wealthy Wellthy Podcast is a very special guest, Mike Dillard. Mike is a 20-year serial entrepreneur and a world class marketer that has founded several multi-million dollar businesses, including his current endeavour Mike Dillard Media, an education company that publishes courses for empowering entrepreneurs to succeed. He is also the host of The Mike Dillard Podcast, which has featured guests like Tony Robbins, Daymond John, Seth Godin and more. Mike has teamed up with experts from all over the world to create a valuable learning environment for anyone looking to start or grow a business online.

In this conversation, Mike and I discuss many different aspects of running an online business and the real commitment that’s required to succeed. He shares great insight on the different ways people are programmed to think about money, not everyone gets excited when they see all those zeros.

What is your PVL?

Mike teaches that your Personal Value Level (PVL) to others is a direct reflection of revenue and growth for your business. He has spent years learning and perfecting his craft, and he says the number ONE factor to becoming world class is finding the skill that matches your personality type and spending time becoming a practitioner of that skill. Mike is full of great stories from his journey, sharing lessons on breaking through your fears, willing to be coachable, developing your skill-set and so much more. If you run a business online or if you’ve ever considered it, you’ll want to listen to this interview and check out Mike Dillard

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What We Covered

  • [3:15] Mike speaks a little on his money philosophy and the high income mindset
  • [8:33] The hard truth that became Mike’s inspiration to become an entrepreneur
  • [10:45] Mike shares his personal motivation to create self worth
  • [12:22] Your Personal Value Level to others
  • [15:24] Re-train the brain and pursue something of meaning to you
  • [22:44] 5 years of misery for 50 years of freedom
  • [26:18] Mike shares the personal dedication and hard work that went into becoming world class
  • [28:20] The personal confidence to succeed and take the first step “If you’re not willing to do something for yourself you’re willing to do it for someone else”
  • [34:47] We dive deep into Mike’s sales formula and get a preview of his genius
  • [37:55] A different perspective on sales as an entrepreneur
  • [42:10] The best investment you can make
  • [47:43] Making the right spending choices when learning and growing
  • [50:28] An abundance mindset is infinitely more powerful than scarcity
  • [55:24] We discuss Mike’s “2X4” moment
  • [1:00:10] Mike Dillard’s myth

Links Mentioned

Visit Mike’s Learning Platform

Get a free copy of my book “Falling For Money” here

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