#126 – Making The Blissful Investment With Moneeka Sawyer

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Episode Summary

Today on Wealthy Wellthy Wise is Moneeka Sawyer. Moneeka has been investing for nearly 3 decades and has been through all the cycles of the market. She has turned $10,000 to over $2,000,000 in net worth, working only 5-10 hours per month with very little stress. Moneeka loves teaching others how to build wealth like she has so they can create the life of their dreams. She’s helped so many people become millionaires. And they’ve all done this Moneeka’s blissful way. Moneeka is also the host of the top-rated podcast Real Estate Investing for Women.

In this episode Moneeka and I discuss what’s required to be blissful. Moneeka is often described as the most blissful person you’ll ever meet. We talk about ways to have more fulfillment and more joy with less stress. Moneeka also shares her professional passion, investing in real estate, she offers the tips and tricks you’ll want to know if you’re just getting started and thinking about real estate as an investment.

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What We Covered

  • [03:05] Moneeka tells us about her work and defines bliss from her perspective
  • [06:23] Moneeka shares some tips for finding your blissful place
  • [10:09] Experience gratitude, don’t just check the box
  • [14:24] Moneeka gives us a beautiful perspective on appreciation
  • [16:43] We discuss the gap between women and money in certain age groups
  • [19:58] How fear affects our investment decisions
  • [22:24] Moneeka shares about dealing with risk and investments in her household
  • [25:34] Find your niche and appreciate every step towards success you take
  • [29:50] Moneeka shares some advice for anyone starting out with real estate investing
  • [31:59] We learn why moneeka chose real estate as big portion of her investment strategy
  • [36:18] Is real estate investing for everyone?
  • [40:21] Moneeka shares how appreciating her tenants has kept her properties consistently occupied
  • [42:07] How Moneeka originally started investing in real estate and creative ways for anyone to start now
  • [49:58] Caring about what others think and making sacrifices
  • [51:43] Moneeka shares advice on not comparing ourselves to others and finding your balance

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Get a free copy of my book “Falling For Money” here

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