#125 – Discover Beauty In Unpleasant Places With Dr. Joan Rosenberg

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Episode Summary

Today on Wealthy Wellthy Wise is Dr. Joan Rosenberg. Joan is the creator of Emotional Mastery™ and Emotional Mastery Training™. She is a highly regarded expert psychologist, master clinician, trainer and consultant. She just released her book 90 Seconds to a Life You Love, a book which three decades and tens of thousands of hours research have been put into writing.

This is an exceptional conversation joan talks about the secret to happiness and confidence is gaining a skill of being with and moving towards our feelings she shares the eight unpleasant feelings most of us try to avoid and the self love and personal joy that comes from moving out of avoidance yet moving towards those feelings for full embrace and no longer being scared of them.

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What We Covered

  • [3:58] Joan tells us a little about herself and her journey
  • [6:00] Joan and i discuss a methodology from her book on confidence building
  • [7:42] Moving towards the unpleasant feelings?
  • [11:20] We discuss using distraction to avoid unpleasant feelings
  • [17:54] Joan shares insight into acceptance in what has already been done
  • [21:29] We talk about grief and moving through it
  • [25:35] Joan explains that acceptance does not mean we condon behaviors
  • [28:27] Joan explains why we need to forgive ourselves more than others
  • [30:30] We discuss tolerating vulnerability and how it directly relates to other emotions
  • [33:01] Joan and I discuss capability and emotional strength
  • [34:52] Joan describes the pathway to “soulful depression”
  • [38:10] How distraction causes us to lose ourselves
  • [42:58] Money is a metaphor for feeling
  • [44:28] Joan explains the major steps to building confidence
  • [48:56] Speaking up and approaching the unpleasant place
  • [50:49] Taking action develops confidence
  • [52:36] Joan explains the importance of complements
  • [01:01:03] Joan busts a big myth


[Tweet “It’s not that we are confident then we take action, It’s through our action taking we gain confidence.“]

[Tweet “What’s done is done. We have to, at some point, come to that level of acceptance to get through grief.“]

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