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Episode Summary

Today on Wealthy Wellthy Wise is Nagina Abdullah. Nagina is a health & food coach for ambitious women and the owner of She lost 40 pounds by eating delicious foods and now she coaches others that losing weight and dieting doesn’t have to be a flavor sacrifice. Nagina has created several diet frameworks that guide people towards their weight loss goals with tasty ways to eat healthy, natural, and anti-inflammatory foods. Nagina has been featured in Business Insider,, Huffington Post and on Fox News.

In this episode Nagina shares her journey of weight loss and her love for spices. She uses spices not only for taste but for weight loss, energy, and mental clarity. We discuss first steps to widening your palette with new spices and some unique frameworks Nagina created. In addition to spices we talk about easy ways to be healthy as a busy entrepreneur, spouse, and parent.

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What We Covered

  • [1:40] Nagina tells us a little about herself and how healthy spices are such a major part of her life
  • [5:53] How to re-organize your life to eat healthier
  • [10:35] We learn about Nagina’s “Genius 5 Smoothie”
  • [14:12] How Nagina plans for one week of healthy eating in her household
  • [17:15] We discuss the real difference in cost to convenience when grocery shopping
  • [19:19] Nagina gives us the top spices for flavor and health benefits that anyone should try
  • [26:40] The big myth Nagina learned on her weight loss journey
  • [28:45] Nagina shares her money philosophy and the importance of investment


Links Mentioned

Nagina shares the “Sweet Spice Cheat Sheet” with the spice that is is in your kitchen cabinet! It helps to lower blood sugar and curb sugar cravings. The cheat sheet includes:
– 3 health benefits of using this spice
– 5 ways to use it in your day
– An easy recipe using this spice

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