#286 Creating a Wealthy Life w/ Krisstina Wise

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Today, I introduce a new format to the Wealthy Wellthy podcast.  I’ve been told by many loyal listeners that they love learning from my guests, but they would also like to hear more from me. Since I take feedback to heart, future episodes will be a mix of guest content as well as my own.  From now on, every other week I will share with you the podcasts on which I am the guest and not the host. 

My purpose is to share MY money mindset and financial advice with you that I otherwise only share with other podcast host audiences. So, today, I share my appearance on Rocky Lalvani’s Richer Soul podcast. I really enjoyed this conversation with Rocky. We dive deep into having clarity about the life you want before setting on your money goals. Too many people base their money goals on what they see in the media or what they see next door. I call this, “Keeping up with the Joneses,” and it will keep you broke.

Are you ready to unlock the secrets to living an abundant life? In this thought-provoking episode, Krisstina Wise shares her journey from chasing money and success to finding true fulfillment and purpose. Discover the importance of defining what a good life means to you, learn valuable lessons about wealth building, and gain insights on how to enjoy life to the fullest. Join us as we explore the intersection of money, meaning, and happiness. Get ready to be inspired and gain a fresh perspective on what it means to be truly wealthy.

Takeaways I Got From This Episode Were:

  1. Having clarity on what a good life looks like and how much money is enough is key to living abundantly
  2. It’s important to learn about money and wealth building principles to achieve financial freedom
  3. Businesses and banks are designed to separate us from our money, so we need a plan to fight against that
  4. A major health crisis shifted Krisstina’s focus from chasing money to finding deeper meaning and fulfillment
  5. True wealth comes from being able to fully enjoy life in the moment and create meaningful experiences

Here Are Five of My Favorite Quotes:

  1. Even if we have a strong desire to be wealthy and understand financial principles, it’s still hard to resist the constant pull of consumerism and spending. It takes real effort and attention to avoid being swept up by these powerful forces, even when we’re aware of them.
  2. All these systems – Amazon, car payments, mortgages, credit cards – they’re all designed like banks. They’re crafted psychologically and pragmatically to separate us from our money. Their goal is to get our money into their pockets and out of ours.
  3. If I could go back and give advice to my younger self, it would be this: Don’t worry about what other people think. Focus on living the life you want, work on yourself, and strive to create meaning and fulfilment.
  4. “Money is important, but it’s not the be all end all. It’s about knowing how much is enough to underwrite the cost of living well.”
  5. “The best life is knowing your good life, how much it costs to live it, and being passionate about creating experiences that bring meaning and fulfillment.”

Time Stamps:

  • [2:49][4:37] Growing up, Krisstina’s parents and school taught her nothing about money, leading to a fear and avoidance of money
  • [7:39][9:19] Despite having business and accounting degrees, Krisstina realized she didn’t learn anything practical about personal finance and ended up bankrupt
  • [11:27][13:02] People struggle with money because it seems like common sense but is actually counterintuitive and countercultural, and financial ignorance leads to stressful situations
  • [17:57][19:30] Banking systems are designed to separate us from our money, so without a strong desire and plan to build wealth, it’s hard to resist their pull
  • [19:44][24:47] A health crisis shifted Krisstina’s focus from chasing money to finding meaning and fulfillment, realizing that money is important but not the ultimate goal
  • [27:19][30:38] Having clarity on what a good life looks like and how much is enough is key, rather than constantly chasing more
  • [43:37][47:15] Implementing Profit First in both business and personal finances is crucial for building wealth
  • [51:12][54:25] Spirituality is about finding contentment, love, and purpose beyond just the pursuit of money and external validation
  • [58:12][59:24] The secret to an abundant life is getting clear on what that means to you, taking action to create it, and being satisfied in the moment

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