#287 Transforming Pivotal Moments into Profits w/ Cindy Ertman

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A full 60% of Americans say their career is unsatisfying, and a whopping 19% say they are “miserable” in their job. 

If that’s you, this episode of the Wealthy Wellthy Podcast is just what you need! 

Today, I sit down with Cindy Ertman, a renowned coach and former mortgage executive whose personal journey is a masterclass in career transformation and overcoming adversity.

Cindy’s initial venture into journalism didn’t fulfill her passion, which led her to the dynamic world of real estate. Despite early setbacks, including being reassigned against her wishes and grappling with a commission-only job while caring for a newborn, Cindy’s resilience shone through. Her decision to move to Southern California to reinvent her career in land acquisition marked the beginning of a significant transformation.

In our conversation, Cindy candidly discusses how she navigated fears and uncertainty by embracing bold life choices. Her rise to Executive Vice President, the unexpected end of that role, and her subsequent venture into establishing a leading mortgage bank underscore her ability to turn challenges into opportunities.

This episode not only explores Cindy’s professional journey but also delves into her personal growth, highlighting how self-development and continuous learning have been central to her success. Her transition from corporate roles to launching her own coaching and training company was driven by a deep-seated desire to influence others positively and live without regrets.

Takeaways I Got From This Episode Were:

  1. Embrace Bold Choices: Cindy transformed her career trajectory by stepping into the unknown and tackling new challenges without hesitation.
  2. Overcome Fear: Confronting and moving past fear was crucial for Cindy, especially when starting in a new industry or role.
  3. Commit to Continuous Learning: Ongoing personal development was not just a part of Cindy’s career but a foundational element of her success.
  4. Build Strong Relationships: Success is not just about individual effort; for Cindy, creating deep, meaningful connections has been key.
  5. Live Without Regrets: Cindy’s career decisions were fueled by her commitment to making impactful choices that align with her values and aspirations.

Here Are Five of My Favorite Quotes:

  1. “I got really bold in my choices because failing was not an option for me.”
  2. “My first day at work in mortgage, I had no idea what I was doing.”
  3. “I’ve always had this fuel for growth, and I think that’s where a lot of that drive came from.”
  4. “We all carry the matches to burn down our own house.”
  5. “I want to create the scariest thing I’ve ever done, and the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done.”

Time Stamps:

  • [00:01][02:15] Cindy Earthman’s career journey from journalism to real estate to becoming a top mortgage executive
  • [02:15][06:53] Overcoming fear and failure through boldness and hard work, fueled by a need to provide for her family
  • [06:53][10:44] Drive for success sparked by early work experience and desire to help others through real estate
  • [10:44][13:13] Finding work-life balance through creative solutions like training staff and prioritizing family time
  • [13:13][16:53] Transformational personal development experiences and inner growth through coaching programs
  • [16:53][22:56] Pursuing her calling despite doubts by turning visions into reality through methodical planning
  • [22:56][27:25] Taking bold action, asking for opportunities, and emphasizing relationship building for success
  • [27:25][31:56] Overcoming anxiety in social situations by focusing conversations on others
  • [31:56][35:30] Reframing negative thoughts to “I can” and making daily intentional steps towards goals
  • [35:30][40:59] Coaching as an investment in growth, even during downturns, by changing mindsets
  • [40:59][44:00] Personal growth journey of overcoming influences and prioritizing family through divorce
  • [44:00][48:20] Rewriting one’s story through daily intentional choices and overcoming limiting beliefs
  • [48:20][53:06] Humble brag of helping others change their lives through different choices and leadership
  • [53:06][57:25] Calling out the myth of “I can’t” and emphasizing power to rewrite one’s story through daily choices

Myth Buster: “I Can’t”

Cindy wants to call out the common myth that people use “I can’t” as an excuse to hold themselves back from pursuing their dreams and goals. Through her own journey of overcoming lack of resources and experience to build a successful career and business, Cindy has seen how reframing negative thoughts to “I can” and taking daily intentional steps forward can help individuals rewrite their own success story. Even when facing difficulties like an economic downturn, focusing on personal growth through coaching or other means can help people change their mindset from one of limitations to abundance and possibility. Don’t allow the words “I can’t” to stand in your way – you have the power within you to achieve what you set your mind to through consistent action.

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