#288 How to Let Go Without Giving Up w/ Krisstina Wise

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Because of you, The Wealthy Wellthy Podcast ranks in the top 5% of all Podcasts in downloads per episode and the top 1% in the number of releases. It has been a pleasure and an honor to learn from my accomplished guests and share their genius with you. 

I’ve been told by many loyal listeners that they love learning from my guests, but they would also like to hear more from me. Since I take your requests to heart, I have started releasing podcasts that are a mix of guest content and my own content. From now on, every other week I will share with you the podcasts on which I am the guest and not the host. 

Today I bring you my interview on the How’d It Happen Podcast with Mike Malatesta. In this episode, I open up about my life, career, and the philosophies that have shaped my journey.

During our conversation, I reflect on my early drive and the mentality that set me apart. From a young age, I’ve always been driven by a desire to innovate and think differently. I questioned the status quo and carved my own path, which often made me feel like a misfit. This drive, combined with a willingness to challenge conventional wisdom, has been a constant theme throughout my life, and it’s what has made me a successful entrepreneur. 

One of the most transformative experiences I discuss was my near-death experience in 2013. Facing a life-threatening challenge forced me to reevaluate my priorities and changed my perspective on success and happiness. This pivotal moment made me focus more on relationships and personal fulfillment rather than just professional and financial achievements. I realized that true success lies in meaningful connections and making a positive impact on others.

Takeaways I Got From This Episode Were:

  1. The power of questioning the status quo: Embrace your unique perspective and don’t be afraid to go against the grain.
  2. The importance of meaningful relationships: True fulfillment comes from connecting deeply with others and making a positive impact.
  3. Redefining success: Align your financial goals with your personal values to create a truly fulfilling life.
  4. The role of money: Use money as a tool to support your vision of a good life, rather than making it the ultimate goal.
  5. Balancing personal and professional life: Ensure that your business serves your desired lifestyle without compromising your health or relationships.

Here Are Five of My Favorite Quotes:

  1. “True success lies in meaningful connections and making a positive impact on others.”
  2. “Money is a tool to support your vision, not the ultimate goal.”
  3. “Embrace your unique perspective and don’t be afraid to go against the grain.”
  4. “Design a life that aligns with your values and determine the true cost of living a fulfilling life.”
  5. “Ensure your business supports your desired lifestyle without compromising your health or relationships.”

Time Stamps:

  • [4:20][4:53] Krisstina Wise describes her journey involving grit, hard work, and learning from failures.
  • [4:53][6:05] Discussion on Krisstina’s early drive and curiosity, feeling like an outlier from a young age.
  • [6:05][7:45] Examples of Krisstina’s independent mindset and rule-bending behavior from childhood.
  • [7:45][9:06] Malatesta asks if Krisstina’s rule-bending was universal across different environments.
  • [9:06][11:14] Krisstina explains the shift from ego-driven success to finding fulfillment in relationships and impact.
  • [11:14][14:34] Krisstina discusses her current outcomes and priorities, focusing on relationships and meaningful work.
  • [14:34][15:36] Reflection on the past motivations for success and how they have changed.
  • [15:36][19:21] Krisstina reflects on how her upbringing and cultural dogma shaped her early drive for financial success.
  • [19:21][20:52] Mike and Krisstina discuss how many entrepreneurs are motivated by escaping something negative rather than achieving true freedom.
  • [20:52][23:05] Discussion on the dangers of perpetual growth and external validation.
  • [23:05][24:49] Mike highlights the comparison trap and how it prevents true satisfaction.
  • [24:49][27:29] Krisstina talks about the importance of holistic success, including health and relationships.
  • [27:29][28:21] Reflection on people who realize too late that their achievements lack real love and fulfillment.
  • [28:21][31:38] Krisstina shares her near-death experience and the profound regret she felt, leading to a significant change in her life perspective.
  • [31:38][32:36] Discussion on the turning point for Krisstina’s shift in mindset.
  • [32:36][33:37] Mike shares his concept of the Valley of Uncertainty for entrepreneurs.
  • [33:37][35:23] Reflection on acknowledging the need for change after a crisis.
  • [35:23][37:15] Krisstina emphasizes the importance of designing life and business around personal satisfaction and fulfillment.
  • [37:15][40:01] Krisstina shares how she fought her way back to health and embraced surrender and spiritual connection.
  • [40:01][40:58] Discussion on maintaining new life perspectives and avoiding reverting to old patterns.
  • [40:58][43:04] Krisstina explains her complete life transformation, including selling her businesses and ending toxic relationships.
  • [43:04][46:07] Krisstina’s unexpected journey to writing a book and starting a new chapter in her life.
  • [46:07][48:54] Discussion on how Krisstina’s health crisis led to her writing a book and finding new purpose.
  • [48:54][51:10] Krisstina talks about creating space and whitespace in life for new opportunities and thinking.
  • [51:10][52:39] Reflection on embracing whitespace and the discomfort it initially caused.
  • [52:39][53:18] Krisstina explains why money is more important than anything, yet not in the way people typically think.
  • [53:18][58:26] Discussion on the importance of having money for options and the different purposes money can serve.
  • [58:26][1:04:48] Krisstina shares her concept of lifestyle architecture, designing a good life and aligning business and money to support it.
  • [1:04:48][1:05:28] Krisstina explains her work with entrepreneurs and her mission to help them create fulfilling lives.

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