#235 The Healthy Relationship Lifestyle + Being Present in Modern Life w/ John Howard

My guest this week is John Howard. John is an internationally-recognized therapist, wellness expert, and educator who uses the latest science to help couples have stronger relationships. He is the host of The John Howard Show, a wellness podcast, and the creator of the Ready Set Love® series of neuroscience-based online programs for couples. Wow… […]

#228 Healthy Relationships are Created, Not Found w/ Brave Legend & Megan Rose

This week I had the privilege of interviewing Brave Legend and Megan Rose with The Alchemy of We. With their more than 20k hours of combined experience facilitating, coaching and community building, they’ve come to believe that relationships truly are our greatest assets and that the true gift of life is learning to navigate them […]

#225 Alison Armstrong: The Master of Relationships

Alison Armstrong’s exploration of human behavior began in 1991, with her decision to study men, “To find out how I was bringing out the worst in them. And hopefully, how to bring out the best.” Her success in understanding men naturally led to studying women’s behavior and making vital connections between the two. Armstrong distinguishes […]

#11 – Dave & Sandy Williams: Relationship Problems Can Be Debunked With One Test

0.75x 1x 1.25x 1.5x 2x 0:00… #11 – Dave & Sandy Williams: Relationship Problems Can Be Debunked With One Test Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsPlayer EmbedShare Leave a ReviewListen in a New WindowDownloadSoundCloudStitcherSubscribe on AndroidSubscribe via RSSSpotify Subscribe Today By subscribing, you’re guaranteed to get the latest episodes as soon as they are live. Episode Summary Welcome […]