#98 – Mike Wolf – Letting Go of Material Wealth

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Episode Summary

Mike wolf has earned the moniker of “The homeless millionaire.” Ironically, he made his wealth in real estate. On this episode, Krisstina talks with Mike about how he began his lifestyle, the dangers of valuing material things, and how much money is “enough”.

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What We Covered

  • [01:30] – Where does Mike live?
  • [04:30] – How Mike learned to let go of material wealth.
  • [08:30] – Places Mike has been.
  • [13:00] – Mikes view on money.
  • [16:30] – Mikes early life in business.
  • [19:00] – The myth of retirement.
  • [22:00] – The vanity of wealth.
  • [26:00] – What does mike value?
  • [29:00] – The myth of net worth.
  • [34:00] – How mike enjoys his life beyond materialism.
  • [40:00] – Do you have to work yourself to death to become wealthy?
  • [47:30] – Can you afford to hire others?
  • [58:30] – Making the leap of faith.
  • [01:01:30] – Where should you invest?
  • [01:11:22] – How much money is enough?


[Tweet “Anything that doesn’t add meaning to my life, get rid of it.”]
[Tweet “When your broke, you have something to strive towards.”]
[Tweet “The key is to create indestructible wealth.”]
[Tweet “The myth out there is that the answer to all my money problems is to make more money.”]
[Tweet “The key is to make the equity work for you.”]
[Tweet “At some point you re going to have to take that leap of faith.”]

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