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Episode Summary

As the market for cryptocurrency explodes, it can be hard to navigate the ins and outs of this growing industry. Willy Ogorzaly wants to change that. His company, Bitfract, makes it easier to invest and exchange cryptocurrency.

In this episode, Willy talks with Krisstina about cryptocurrency’s evolution as well as its investment risks and rewards.  They also debunk many of the myths surrounding cryptocurrency. Finally, Willy shows Krisstina how to use Bitfract to exchange and invest crypto.

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What We Covered

  • [2:40] – Willy explains his first entrepreneurial business
  • [3:55] – Willy explains his history in Crypto Currency
  • [6:30] – The basics of Crypto Currency
  • [12:35] – The Enron investment craze
  • [17:30] – Some flaws of the banking system
  • [18:30] – How Bitcoin can be better than banking
  • [20:50] – How to make a purchase with Bitcoin
  • [24:40] – Investing in Crypto Currency startups
  • [27:00] – The risks of investing in Crypto Currency
  • [34:50] – How anonymous is Bitcoin?
  • [39:22] – Beginning to use Bitfract to invest in Crypto
  • [50:50] – A summary of the transactions


Links Mentioned

Bitfract Website

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