WW095-Brooke Kalanick

#95 – Brooke Kalanick – Discovering Alternative Approaches to Hormone Therapy

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Episode Summary

As a doctor of alternative and functional medicine, Dr. Kalanick always knew she wanted to pursue science and medicine. She studied pre-med and applied to pharmacy school. She soon began suffering from headaches, felt very fatigued, and couldn’t work out. As her mom was diabetic she thought she might be as well. The accurate diagnosis turned out to be Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Once she began managing her illness she decided she no longer wanted to help people feel better by giving them medicine so she turned to naturopathic medical school and learned acupuncture school. She now helps women with hormone issues, and places emphasis in her practice on strength training and exercising properly for your hormones.

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What We Covered

  • [00:36] – Brooke’s story and how she got involved in alternative medicine
  • [04:00] – Her PCOS diagnosis and why she had a lack of energy during school
  • [07:07] – What she’s noticing from women who come see her for help
  • [11:24] – If women tell her that they don’t feel well but they can’t explain what’s wrong
  • [13:02] – How much time she typically spends with her patients
  • [14:26] – The percentage of her patients who were prescribed anti-depressants
  • [14:45] – The problem with anti-depressants and the difference between serotonin and dopamine depression
  • [17:39] – Inflammation in our bodies
  • [22:40] – Why there are so many people with thyroid issues
  • [27:59] – How comparing ourselves to others is not a healthy habit
  • [30:05] – Some symptoms you may experience if you have thyroid issues
  • [32:43] – Auto-immune diseases and the most common types


[Tweet “So many women are dealing with just complete overwhelm.”]
[Tweet “Stress and inflammation are behind all of our chronic diseases.”]
[Tweet “Inflammation has a huge role in depression and our mood.”]
[Tweet “I call inflammation the Great Hormone Mess Maker because if you have it it’s gonna mess up every hormone system that you have.”]
[Tweet “Women on average if they get one auto-immune disease they’re likely to get three.”]

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