#92 – Janet Newman – Clearing Out the Toxins in Your Environment

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Episode Summary

Janet Newman, Ph.D, is the author of Living in the Chemical Age, where she dives deep to unearth and expose the many pervasive toxins that are prevalent throughout our environment, including the food we eat, the products we use to clean our homes and even the beds we sleep on and what you can do to decrease your exposure to these harmful chemicals.

After facing different health challenges seven to eight years ago, Janet wanted to learn more about the ailments that were causing her and her family to become so sick so they could all start feeling better.  Through her research, she discovered that toxins, found just about everywhere, could either cause or exacerbate all of the ailments her family was suffering from.

By writing this book, Janet has not only helped her own family live less toxic lives, but she is shining a spotlight on a subject that does not get the attention it deserves.

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What We Covered

  • [02:26] – Her book, Living in the Chemical Age and why she decided to write it
  • [08:03] – The different ways chemicals can enter into our food system
  • [10:22] – What you can expect to find in today’s food system
  • [12:44] – The effects toxins have on our body
  • [15:40] – How chemicals are adversely affecting our immune systems
  • [17:21] – Our bodies acting as silos
  • [20:38] – The importance of reading ingredient labels
  • [21:41] – The ubiquity of sugar and its many different names
  • [23:16] – The chemicals found in skin care products
  • [24:28] – The Skin Deep Database to check ingredients and products for toxicity
  • [26:46] – How the word “natural” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy
  • [27:35] – The chemicals found in deodorants and what the word fragrance really means
  • [30:58] – Removing the mercury in amalgam fillings
  • [33:43] – Everyday household items in our homes that are full of toxins
  • [35:28] – The reason indoor air is much more toxic than outdoor air
  • [36:53] – The problems with plastic water bottles
  • [40:18] – Plastics in our oceans and The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
  • [42:27] – How you can begin decreasing your exposure to toxic chemicals
  • [44:27] – Moving away from conventional household cleaners and products
  • [46:23] – Making your own (non-toxic) cleaning products
  • [50:21] – The dangers of mold and how she and her husband got sick from it
  • [54:29] – Toxic chemicals in lawn and pest control and better alternatives
  • [55:46] – The Seventh Generation Principle
  • [58:00] – Synthetic chemicals in pharmaceutical drugs and using natural alternatives
  • [1:01:25] – A myth she would like to see busted


[Tweet “We’re exposed to, some experts say, 250 pounds per day of toxins.”]
[Tweet “When we eat the flesh or the milk products of these animals we are ingesting what they ingested. So that’s something to think about because we are entering into an age of antibiotic resistant diseases.”]
[Tweet “If we are not being more aware of where these toxins are getting into our system then it’s a never ending battle.”]
[Tweet “It can contain up to 100 different chemicals, the word fragrance.”]
[Tweet “The EPA says that indoor air is much more toxic than outdoor air.”]
[Tweet “A lot of times bottled water is just tap water. Sometimes it’s been a little bit filtered but we don’t really know.”]
[Tweet “I read one expert was saying that by 2050 we will have more plastic in our oceans than fish by weight.”]

Links Mentioned

Janet’s book, Living in the Chemical Age: How an Ounce of Prevention Can Protect Your Family from a World of Toxins

Environmental Growing Group

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