#91 – Dr. Alan Hopkins – Why You Need to Get an Advanced Lipid Panel Test

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Episode Summary

Dr. Alan Hopkins has been practicing emergency medicine for the past 20 years.  While working to save lives in the trauma center, he noticed that many more younger people were suffering from heart attacks and he wanted to begin focusing on preventative medicine in order to curtail these far too frequent incidents.

In this conversation, Krisstina and Dr. Hopkins discuss why it’s important to get an advanced lipid test, Lipoprotein-A and why it’s important to know your risk factor, how cholesterol is a genetic issue, and the best practices to keep your heart healthy.

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What We Covered

  • [02:40] – His time practicing emergency medicine and why he became involved with preventative medicine
  • [04:32] – The types of cases he treats in the trauma center
  • [05:50] – Who is affected by heart attacks
  • [08:04] – How heart attacks happen and identifying early on who has problems with hardening of the arteries by looking at cholesterol
  • [10:31] – Fighting with insurance companies for advanced testing of cholesterol
  • [11:30] – What doctors do when you go in for your annual physical
  • [12:10] – Advanced lipid panel testing and an analogy of the types of LDL patterns one can have and that can be identified through this test
  • [14:52] – Cholesterol as a genetic factor
  • [15:36] – The benefits of incorporating Omega 3 fish oils in your nutrition regiment
  • [16:11] – The risk of prescribing statins to patients
  • [16:35] – The Lipoprotein-A test
  • [22:15] – How everyone produces small amounts of Lipoprotein-A and the optimal ranges
  • [22:51] – Natural treatments to combat Lipoprotein-A
  • [24:30] – The genetic variant of Lipoprotein-A
  • [28:24] – What he recommends to people whose doctors are not familiar with the advanced lipid panel test
  • [29:43] – Preventing the hardening of the arteries and what causes it
  • [38:31] – The major contributors that lead to heart attacks
  • [39:45] – Getting an advanced lipid panel test on your own
  • [41:36] – What his spouse is doing to lower her risk of suffering cardiac arrest
  • [47:31] – The problem of having an imbalance of LDL and HDL cholesterol
  • [51:58] – The one myth he would like to see busted
  • [53:36] – What preventative tests he recommends doing at least once a year


[Tweet “70% of the way that we process cholesterol is genetically determined.”]
[Tweet “Everybody tends to make a little bit of Lipoprotein-A.”]
[Tweet “I see people dying from heart attacks all the time but they’re extremely unhealthy.”]
[Tweet “The more large good cholesterol we have the better because that’s really efficient at bringing down your Lipoprotein-A and your LDL molecules.”]
[Tweet “It’s all about a balance, you see. If you don’t have a balance you’re going to lay down plaque.”]
[Tweet “The higher the inflammation is, the higher the risk for autoimmune diseases.”]

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Zoom Cast on Advanced Lipid Panel

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