#90 – Dom D’Agostino – Guidance to Metabolic Therapies

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Episode Summary

Dominic D’Agostino is a neuroscientist, molecular pharmacologist, and physiology researcher.  He has maintained involvement in a vast array of professional, academic, and personal endeavors, attaining a high degree of achievement in each of his pursuits.

In his capacity as a researcher, Dominic enjoys support from the Office of Naval Research (ONR), the Department of Defense (DoD), the Alzheimer’s Association, and other entities for investigations into oxygen toxicity, ketogenic diets, cancer, and metabolic/neuroprotective strategies.

Krisstina is excited to bring you this informative discussion with Dominic in which he provides guidance through metabolic therapies, cancer research, and studying cancer metabolism.

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What We Covered

  • [04:26] – Dom’s personal and educational background
  • [05:16] – Studying Biology and Nutrition at Rutgers University and his undergrad research in neuroscience and the research he did for his PhD
  • [06:30] – His PhD research on the neuro-control of autonomic regulation (how our brains control how we feel)
  • [07:22] – His post-doctoral fellowship opportunity to look at the effects of high oxygen on Navy Seals by studying the cellular and molecular mechanisms of it
  • [09:11] – Who his lab works with and the different students who do research work there
  • [12:56] – How Krisstina came across Dom and his work
  • [14:32] – The Ketogenic Diet’s role in cancer prevention and the metabolic theory of cancer
  • [15:16] – The Hallmarks of Cancer article and his talk on how the Ketogenic Diet hits every hallmark of cancer
  • [17:02] – How he became interested in the Ketogenic Diet/metabolic approach to cancer
  • [18:51] – Dom explains the Warburg Effect
  • [22:18] – Using metabolic approaches to effectively target the growth and proliferation of  cancer
  • [22:31] – If he thinks the origin of cancer is metabolic or genetic
  • [24:19] – Dom explains how oncogenes turn normal cells to cancer cells
  • [26:28] – Reducing carcinogenic processes by implementing therapeutic fasting or the Ketogenic Diet as well as changing lifestyle factors
  • [30:03] – Dom explains what oncogenes are
  • [36:57] – The Ketogenic Diet and how it has been used to control seizures
  • [40:27] – The movie, First Do No Harm, with Meryl Streep about an epileptic patient using anti-epileptic drugs in combination with the Ketogenic Diet
  • [43:18] – The modified Ketogenic Diet used in adult epilepsy
  • [44:01] – The benefits of periodically going in and out of ketosis
  • [45:24] – How the Ketogenic Diet helps with different diseases/disorders
  • [47:47] – The wound healing properties of nutritional ketosis
  • [50:17] – Dom’s definition of a healthy lifestyle and healthy mitochondria
  • [51:53] – The importance of having a simple blood glucose monitoring system
  • [54:53] – Dom talks about the importance of regular exercise
  • [57:29] – The one myth Dom would like to see busted


[Tweet “Ketogenic diet targets multiple pathways synergistically together.”]
[Tweet “Cancer uses glucose for energy and grows more cancer cells.”]
[Tweet “Healthy mitochondria is the ultimate cancer suppressor.”]
[Tweet “Oncogenes, when activated, transforms normal cells to cancer cells.”]
[Tweet “Oncogenes, when activated, transforms normal cells to cancer cells.Oncogenes, when activated, transforms normal cells to cancer cells.”]

Links Mentioned

Dom’s website
The Hallmarks of Cancer article
Mark Sisson’s book, The Keto Reset Diet: Reboot Your Metabolism in 21 Days and Burn Fat Forever
First Do No Harm move with Meryl Streep
The Charlie Foundation

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