#93- Meriflor Toneatto – Helping Women Feel Empowered About Money

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Episode Summary

Meriflor Toneatto is the author of Money Manifestations and Miracles – A Guide to Transforming Women’s Relationships with Money.  Her passion is to help women transform their relationship with money and tear down the emotional blocks, cultural stigmas, and long held negative beliefs about money so women can feel empowered to take control and shape their financial futures for themselves.

In this conversation, Krisstina discusses with Meriflor why women have a tendency to self-sabotage, what is holding women back from reaching their true earning potential, and why it’s so important for both women and men to ask for what you want.

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What We Covered

  • [03:40] – Why people’s money mindset is keeping them stuck
  • [06:28] – How our unresolved issues with money can effect our relationships
  • [07:50] – An example of what can happen to people when their background around money and experience from childhood can steer them in the wrong direction
  • [10:21] – What holds women back when it comes to money
  • [11:49] – Why the self-worth emotion is connected to women
  • [14:00] – Why women feel the need to give away their power with money
  • [15:30] – If emotions play a role in holding women back when it comes to money
  • [17:00] – Seeing the positive and expansive side of money
  • [21:39] – It’s OK to acquire wealth and be a great person
  • [23:45] – Why women self-sabotage and don’t reach their earning potential
  • [26:32] – Money as a form of love
  • [30:49] – Why women feel bad and hesitant about asking and receiving
  • [34:20] – Asking for what you want and how women react when the answer is no
  • [37:10] – How women must change their mindset to reach the highest echelons of corporations
  • [38:26] – How she got her start, the limitations she faced, and what enabled her to breakthrough
  • [43:06] – If parents are still contributing to negative money patterns and beliefs to their children
  • [45:20] – If there’s still a cultural stigma that men are the ones that handle and deal with money and business
  • [47:38] – When money is a contentious topic in marriages
  • [55:42] – The myth she would like to see busted


[Tweet “Money is emotional. It is an emotional journey.”]
[Tweet “Even women who are already successful, many still privately struggle with valuing themselves and their worth on some level.”]
[Tweet “We can have both. You can be rich and you can be a great person.”]
[Tweet “If you’re not gonna ask you’re not even in the game.”]
[Tweet “One of the timeless truths about money is that money is a form of love.”]
[Tweet “For us to break through, the mindset that took you to where you are cannot be the same mindset that’s gonna get you to the next level. It’s just not, cause otherwise you would have been there already.”]
[Tweet “Money equals self-empowerment for women.”]

Links Mentioned

Meriflor’s website

Money Manifestations and Miracles – A Guide to Transforming Women’s Relationships with Money

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