#87 – Dan Millman – How to Feel Good More of the Time

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Episode Summary

Dan Millman is a prolific best-selling author, speaker, and former world champion athlete.  His mission is to teach people how to bring together the warrior and the peaceful side we each possess for a successful and fulfilling life.

Dan has written 17 books in the last 30 years including, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, which was made into a major motion picture and is based upon incidents that happened during his life.

Krisstina credits Way of the Peaceful Warrior for changing the trajectory of her life from a young age and is delighted to bring you this enlightening conversation with Dan, The Peaceful Warrior.

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What We Covered

  • [01:43] – Dan’s book, Peaceful Warrior and how it changed Krisstina’s life
  • [08:33] – How to bring the warrior and peaceful side of you together
  • [11:38] – Krisstina opens up about the struggles she faced in 2017
  • [15:28] – The gift of adversity
  • [17:21] – The four minute meditation Dan created on the process of dying
  • [18:31] – Going through adversity and tough times to find peace and happiness
  • [20:35] – Finding happiness
  • [24:26] – If our lack of connection with others and addiction to our devices is causing our                                      unhappiness
  • [29:30] – If it’s possible to connect and compare at the same time
  • [31:15] – Goals: there is no journey without a destination
  • [32:27] – How Dan defines success
  • [32:57] – The three things Dan believes is important to do in life
  • [34:34] – Focusing on the present moment and handling things one at a time
  • [42:06] – Dan’s background and the journey that led him to author 17 books
  • [44:42] – What a typical day for Dan looks like
  • [48:23] – Shifting from the idea of competition to the idea of collaboration
  • [50:02] – The six words of advice Dan gave a college student
  • [55:23] – Attuning to reality
  • [58:09] – Continuing to learn and practice
  • [01:01:55] – Dan’s advice on how to get unstuck
  • [01:06:09] – The one myth Dan would like to see busted


[Tweet “A part of us recognizes that there are times we need a warrior spirit to just face the challenges of everyday life.”]
[Tweet “And that’s why many people have related to the term Peaceful Warrior. It’s not an oxymoron, it’s not you can’t be a warrior and peaceful at the same time, you actually can be.”]
[Tweet “I view daily life as a form of spiritual weight training. “]
[Tweet “There’s no such thing as future happiness, the future never comes.”]
[Tweet “The Buddhists say that comparison is a form of suffering because it’s a profound disrespect for who we are.”]
[Tweet “I think it’s quite important for us to focus on what is my purpose and move toward it.”]
[Tweet “People who get things done tend to feel more fulfilled over time than those who don’t get things done.”]
[Tweet “The most miserable people I know are constantly focused on themselves.”]
[Tweet “I think we need to make a shift in our human psyche to change the world at large; a shift from competition with winners and losers to a world of collaboration.”]
[Tweet “The ideas that slip away are not important.”]

Links Mentioned

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The Hidden School
The Complete Peaceful Warrior’s Way
The Life You Were Born to Live
The Peaceful Warrior movie
The Four Purposes of Life
The Creative Compass
The Laws of Spirit
I’m OK-You’re OK

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