#278 Proactive Healthcare w/Steve Marler and Dr. Anthony Sparks

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​​This week’s Wealthy Wellthy Podcast could actually save your life. I mean it. 

Today’s guests have a transformative approach to proactive healthcare. That’s right, proactive healthcare. For too long, our healthcare industry has only responded to illness and disease after it’s already present. 

Well, Steven Marler and Dr. Anthony Sparks of Advanced Longevity are committed to changing that model in order to save your life, and they’re both here to talk about this revolutionary new healthcare technology.

Steve and Dr. Sparks, are not only experts in their fields but also passionate advocates for a transformative approach to healthcare.

As you know, our healthcare system often gets caught in the trap of treating illness rather than preventing it. This episode sheds light on the critical yet often overlooked aspect of early disease detection and preventative health. 

Steve shares the moving account of his mother’s battle with late-stage cancer as a powerful reminder of the importance of early detection and the personal motivation that led him to champion comprehensive scans as a tool for saving lives.

Dr. Anthony Sparks, with his time at Baylor College of Medicine and Georgetown University Medical Center, shares his invaluable perspective and experience throughout this conversation, highlighting how early detection of diseases like cancer – often when they are asymptomatic – can be life-saving for patients. 

This proactive approach is crucial because many critical diseases develop silently over years, making early intervention key to effective treatment.

We delved into the necessity for everyone to proactively manage their health. For those of you who’ve ever heard me speak, you’ll know I wholeheartedly agreed with Steve when he said, “Your health is your number one asset,” a statement I’ve made countless times. 

With their emotional and scientific one-two punch, Steve and Dr. Sparks convinced me to schedule my own scan. 

If you’re not ready to go that far, yet, at least listen to this episode. It’s more than just a discussion; it’s a call to action for all of us to empower ourselves with knowledge and take charge of our health. 

It might just save your life.

Takeaways I Got From This Episode Were:

  1. 80% of people over 45 have signs of potentially deadly diseases that have not yet caused symptoms.
  2. Heart disease, cancer and other critical illnesses develop slowly over months and years before detection today.
  3. Their scans and blood tests can uncover “threats” early for dramatically higher survival rates.
  4. Direct access to specialists to interpret results and build customized health plans is crucial but lacking in our system today.
  5. Annual preventative scans combined with healthy lifestyle is the key to true “health care” vs just “sick care.”

Here Are Five of My Favorite Quotes:

  1. “We’ve been scanning now as I said, for over a dozen years, we’ve had people that gets a scan annually that had nothing for the first four or five years. And lo and behold, in the sixth year, we start to see early signs of heart disease or something that’s a suspicious novel that turns out to be cancer.”
  2. “One of the first things that sticks out to me is a local physician at eye doctor, an ophthalmologist, relatively young, in his early 60s, had zero symptoms came in and had bladder cancer, and it was able to get that treated, and he’s fine. But he had no idea.”
  3. “Health insurance is a casino. All insurance is a casino, they take in as much as they can, and they pay out as little as possible”
  4. “In the first 30 days, we’re looking at what could kill you tomorrow. I mean, that’s the goal. That’s the threat detection. Then the next 30 months, we the physicians have built this plan for you made recommendations if you need to see a specialist, we’re going to help you arrange that as well.”
  5. “The first sign of a heart attack is typically a heart attack. And even with all our technology and great science today, over half are still fatal. Heart attacks killed more people than all other diseases. Matter of fact”

Time Stamps:

  • [0:00:00] – Introduction
  • [0:01:21] – Steve and Dr. Sparks introduce themselves
  • [0:06:01] – Discussion of preventative medicine vs sick care
  • [0:11:24] – Dr. Sparks discusses his medical training and perspective shift
  • [0:15:40] – Comparison of health insurance to preventative maintenance
  • [0:23:46] – Recommendations for a new year health protocol
  • [0:27:46] – Discussion of what might be found in scans that isn’t in bloodwork
  • [0:30:57] – Average time disease starts before symptoms appear
  • [0:33:58] – Overview of what different scans can detect
  • [0:42:50] – Description of scan and report process
  • [0:43:56] – Next steps after scan results

Their Myth Buster

Myth: You can’t detect disease before symptoms appear.
Fact: Full-body scans can find cancer, heart disease and other issues years before symptoms through early disease detection.

Link :

Advanced Longevity Website

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