#279 The Happy Money Principle with Ken Honda

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​​Since you know me well, you already know that money has energy. To make money, you must keep your money in flow. What you might know is that money has a mood, too, and  that your money mood goes a long way in determining how much money you have.  

Well, if this is new to you, you’re going to love this episode of the Wealthy Wellthy Podcast! My guest on today’s show is Ken Honda, an expert at keeping money happy. In fact, Ken is known globally as a money and happiness expert. 

Ken has written several books, including one devoted exclusively to keeping your money happy, appropriately titled, “Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace With Your Money.” It is a groundbreaking book that merges financial expertise with personal growth, selling over eight million copies worldwide!

Ken’s expertise into the financial domain is rooted in his academic pursuit of law at Waseda University in Tokyo, which he followed in business as a consultant and investor. His diverse roles, including managing an accounting firm and a venture capital corporation, have given him a holistic perspective on finance. 

This depth of experience positions Ken as an authoritative voice in blending financial strategy with self-help, aiming for wealth creation and personal happiness – sound familiar?!?! 

Ken and I dive deep into the relationship between money and wellness. You will absolutely love Ken’s fresh voice and perspective on all things money and happiness! 

Takeaways I Got From This Episode Were:

  1. Psychology of Money: Ken, a revered author and member of the Transformational Leadership Council, emphasizes the psychological aspects of money. He reflects on lessons learned from his father, a successful tax accountant, and discusses the dual nature of money.
  2. Entrepreneurial Wisdom and Financial Acumen: Ken shares valuable insights on entrepreneurship, relating his early start in establishing a consulting firm at 20 years old. He highlights the importance of understanding and balancing entrepreneurial zeal with sound money management.
  3. The Happy Money Principle: Ken discusses the philosophy behind his book, illustrating how financial transactions can and should bring joy. He advocates for gratitude in both earning and spending, transforming our financial experiences.
  4. Financial Habits and Personal Relationships: Ken delves into the complex interplay between our financial habits and our personal relationships. He explores the dynamics of different financial personalities within partnerships.
  5. Path to Sustainable Wealth: Ken talks about creating long-term financial security through innovative and ongoing income streams, drawing from his extensive background in venture capitalism.

Here Are Five of My Favorite Quotes:

  1. “Your relationship with money is a reflection of your inner self.”
  2. “True business success is found in understanding personal capabilities and growth.”
  3. “The essence of Happy Money lies in finding joy and gratitude in financial dealings.”
  4. “How you handle money can profoundly impact your personal relationships.”
  5. “Strategic long-term financial planning is key to building sustainable wealth.”

Time Stamps:

  • [0:00:00] – Introduction to Ken Honda and the concept of “happy money”
  • [0:01:37] – Ken Honda discusses his background growing up learning about money from his father
  • [0:04:18] – Ken Honda shares how he started his own marketing consulting business at age 20
  • [0:07:02] – Mindset shifts to transition from self-employment to a successful business
  • [0:11:37] – Ken Honda explains the concept of getting paid multiple times for past work
  • [0:16:58] – He details how he came up with the term “happy money” and treating it with gratitude
  • [0:21:19] – Improving one’s relationship with money and determining how much is enough
  • [0:32:52] – Advice for couples struggling with different money personalities to avoid potential issues
  • [0:46:25] – Ken Honda wants to help end global financial suffering by helping individuals first
  • [0:50:32] – Ken Honda shares one of the most frequently asked questions is how to end suffering around money
  • [0:53:03] – Ken Honda is humbled when interviewed and sees himself as still learning, not a master
  • [0:54:49] – He wants to bust the myth that money is evil, saying it can be fun when treated properly

Myth Buster

Ken Honda Busts the Myth that “Money is Evil”

In wrapping up his conversation, Ken Honda wanted to directly address one of the biggest money myths that money is evil. While money has certainly caused suffering for many when mishandled, Ken Honda’s perspective is that money does not have to be evil and can actually be fun when treated properly.

He believes that how we view money is a choice, and that with the right mindset and behaviors, money can be a source of happiness, joy and good in our lives. If we approach money with gratitude, generosity and an understanding of its true purpose to facilitate exchange and help others, then it will reflect those positive energies back to us.

Rather than fearing or being ashamed of money, Ken Honda encourages cultivating a “happy money” mindset where we appreciate money’s role and the value it allows us to give and receive. When our relationship with money is based on mutual respect and honor, then it can absolutely be a fun and fulfilling part of our personal and financial well-being.

Link :

Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money

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