#277 New Year, Bold Goals A Journey w/ Ron Macklin

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I’m excited to give you this special New Year’s episode of the Wealthy Wellthy Podcast. My dear friend, colleague, successful entrepreneur and coach Ron Macklin, joins me for a deep conversation about setting and fulfilling meaningful goals for the new year. 

Ron and I met years ago as we journeyed through the Aji Network under the mentorship of Toby Hecht, and since then, Ron and I have collaborated on numerous projects. Our enduring friendship and shared experiences have deeply enriched both our personal and professional lives. 

During this conversation, we dive deep into Ron’s life journey, including his 43-year relationship with his wife Connie, their international escapades, and his philosophy on confronting fears and cultivating ambition. Ron’s approach to maintaining a harmonious balance between a successful business and a rich personal life is not only inspiring but also full of practical wisdom, much of which we were taught in Aji.

Ron and I explore how to set meaningful goals for the new year, find joy in life’s journey, and master the art of experimentation. Interwoven are Ron’s profound insights on life, business, and the delicate art of balancing the two. 

This episode is more than just about goal-setting; it’s a guide to enjoying the journey and savoring each moment. Join us as we delve into these enriching discussions and much more!

Takeaways I Got From This Episode Were:

  1. The Serenity of Nature: Ron talks about the profound impact of slowing down and finding solace in nature’s simplicity.
  2. Physical Labor as Meditation: He finds a unique meditative quality in physical activities like woodcutting, highlighting its therapeutic effects.
  3. Embracing the Outdoors: Ron’s dedication to outdoor activities reflects a deeper need for physical and mental reconnection with our environment.
  4. Goal Setting for Growth: Ron emphasizes the importance of setting challenging goals to stretch our capabilities and foster personal growth.
  5. Sharing Vulnerabilities: He believes in the power of sharing fears to build deeper human connections and mutual understanding.

Here Are Five of My Favorite Quotes:

  1. “Just being out of the fast pace and going to nature… it’s very peaceful.”
  2. “I love cutting wood. It’s a hard workout, but it’s rewarding.”
  3. “This year, I’m committed to taking advantage of what’s right out my front door.”
  4. “Stretching your goals… it forces us to stretch, and it keeps us going.”
  5. “When you share your fears with other humans, they can be vulnerable with you.”

Time Stamps:

  • [0:01:16] – Ron introduces himself
  • [0:02:12] – The strength of his marriage and partnership
  • [0:05:06] – Looking back at prioritizing marriage earlier in his career
  • [0:09:45] – Marriage as a source of strength and support
  • [0:12:16] – Wrapping up the importance of relationships
  • [0:25:57] – Defining ambition and its role in goal setting
  • [0:39:00] – Discussing existential purpose and the questions to ask
  • [0:39:14] – Examples of questions Ron asks himself
  • [0:42:08] – Additional questions and what not to focus on
  • [0:45:38] – Facing fears or health crises leading to reinvention
  • [0:47:53] – Ron’s experience and mindset shift after his health crisis
  • [0:53:00] – The power of stories we tell ourselves
  • [0:56:10] – Crafting the right narratives and ambition through storytelling
  • [1:00:23] – Noticing and addressing our moods
  • [1:02:06] – How moods can shape our futures if left unaddressed
  • [1:06:10] – Committing to growth through experimentation
  • [1:07:45] – Final advice on having fun and helping others

Ron’s Myth Buster

As a new year begins, it’s common to feel doubts about our abilities to achieve big goals and make meaningful changes. However, according to coach Ron Macklin, some widely-held myths are actually limiting our potential.

The Myth of Achievements and Money: Ron emphasizes that success and fulfillment are about more than career achievements or wealth. Prioritizing relationships, purpose and enjoyment of the journey are also key.

The Myth of No Reinvention: We tell ourselves we can’t change, but Ron transformed his perspective after facing health challenges, showing we have power to reinvent our narratives and identities.

The Myth of “Safe” Goals: Stretching ourselves with ambitious, yet unclear goals is better than conservative numbers we know we can reach. The former fosters more growth.

The Myth of Waiting to Live: Don’t put off fulfillment for some future date like retirement – find ways to learn, contribute and experience joy at every stage.

Links For Ron :

Rons Website: https://www.macklinconnection.com/






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