#276 Unlock the World of Travel Hacking w/ Eli Facenda

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Are you putting off your dream adventure until your travel bucket is full? Would you love to visit family, but just don’t have the cash for a cross-country ticket? Well, you’re in luck, because this week’s Wealthy Wellthy Podcast guest will share some amazing money-saving travel hacks to help you fulfill your travel dreams! 

Yes, Eli Facenda – otherwise known as Eli the Travel Guy – joins me to share some cost-saving travel hacks that will get you where you want to go using only your credit card points. 

Get ready to cash out your travel bucket, pack a bag, and take an adventure! Yes, this week’s guest will inspire you to take your dream trip and educate you how to do it at no cost! 

Eli founded Freedom Travel Systems to help people just like you quench their thirst for adventure. 

I can’t even believe how much I learned from interviewing Eli! This episode is MONEY!

Takeaways I Got From This Episode Were:

  1. Perspective is Key: Travel isn’t just about seeing new places; it’s about gaining new perspectives that enrich our personal and professional lives.
  2. Credit Cards as Tools, Not Debt: Using credit cards strategically can unlock incredible travel opportunities without financial strain.
  3. The Power of Points: Properly managing and utilizing credit card points can lead to luxurious travel experiences that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive.
  4. Strategic Point Accumulation: It’s crucial to choose the right credit cards based on spending habits and focus on accumulating transferable points for maximum value.
  5. Plan Ahead for Optimal Use: To make the most of points for travel, it’s best to start planning your trips well in advance, taking advantage of the best redemption opportunities.

Here Are Five of My Favorite Quotes:

  1. “Travel has the power to shift our perspective like nothing else. It’s where I find my best ideas and inspiration.”
  2. “The real trick in travel hacking is not just earning points, but knowing how to stretch them to their fullest potential.”
  3. “Credit cards aren’t just spending tools; they’re gateways to experiences we otherwise might never have.”
  4. “It’s about being smart with your points. A well-planned strategy can turn a simple trip into a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”
  5. “Remember, in the world of travel hacking, a little foresight goes a long way. Start planning early, and you open up a world of possibilities.”

Time Stamps:

  • Main topics and takeaways from the conversation:
  • [0:00:00] – Introduction to guest Eli and what the podcast will cover: travel hacking using credit card points
  • [0:01:10] – Eli’s background and how he got interested in travel leading to a focus on points hacking
  • [0:02:24] – Mindset shift needed to think of credit cards as a tool rather than debt
  • [0:10:46] – Tips for using credit cards strategically like a debit card to accumulate points without interest
  • [0:12:54] – Focus on earning points from transferable credit card programs like Amex, Chase, Citi
  • [0:19:35] – How to transfer points to airline and hotel partners for 5-10x value vs portals
  • [0:23:48] – Examples of experiences gained through maximizing points like upgraded international flights
  • [0:28:44] – Apps to help track card benefits and consolidate points across programs
  • [0:35:36] – Booking dream trips 6+ months in advance allows more point earning and award availability
  • [0:37:08] – Researching award charts for airline/hotel partners to find best redemption value for a specific trip
  • [0:40:49] – Tips for domestic upgrades include having elite status, but book desired cabin for reliability
  • [0:43:18] – Focus on Hyatt for best points value when redeeming for hotels
  • [0:44:50] – Earning Southwest companion pass can provide nearly free domestic flights
  • [0:46:52] – Stories of experiences gained through maximizing points, like an international trip with a new partner
  • [0:51:13] – How to connect with Eli on Instagram or website for a mini points course or consultation

Eli’s Myth Buster

Ditch the Cash Back!
The Real Deal on Credit Card Rewards When You Travel

Think cash back cards are the way to go? Think again! Eli debunks the myth that cashback beats travel points if you fly even occasionally. Learn how switching to transferable travel rewards can score you 5X – 10X more value when you redeem for dream vacations. Leave the cash back cards in the past and unlock international trips on points starting now!

Links For Eli :

Freedom Travel Systems

IG: @Elitravelguy

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