#266 From Ballet Slippers to Big Bank Accounts W/Emily Rose

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This week on the Wealthy Wellthy Podcast, I interviewed Emily Rose! If you haven’t heard of her yet, you will in the coming years!

In addition to holding a psychology degree from Harvard University, coaching visionary executive entrepreneurs, and writing for Thrive Global, Emily is the new Wealthy Wellthy Money Mindset Coach!

Having known Emily since she was a Wise Money Method, CURBS, and CURBS for Business student, I couldn’t wait to get her to tell her story on the show!

In this insightful episode, Emily chronicles her unique journey from ballet prodigy, to aspiring FBI agent, to hippy whale boat first-mate, to her front-row seat in the pinnacle of academia at Harvard University. 

Throughout Emily’s remarkable journey, you will recognize her constant quest for knowledge and growth, which you will definitely benefit from in this episode and in your complimentary money mindset call with her (schedule here!). 

It doesn’t take us long to start talking about MY LANGUAGE!  The language of money. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn To:

  • We talk about why having an expert financial coach is essential to get rich! 
  • We talk about how the Wise Money Method changes money mindsets! 
  • AND, we talk about how combining the two helps people become financially free and happy!

Here Are Five of My Favorite Quotes:

  1. “The one thing that made the difference for me (financially) was actually applying the Wise Money Method CURBS program I had learned.”
  2. “Even in the most esoteric, spiritual belief structure, there’s a structure that allows us to break things down to understand it, and that’s what Wise Money Method CURBS is.”
  3. “Wise Money Method CURBS offers a highly specific structure, and on top of that, it offers handholding to that structure.”
  4. “Coupling Wise Money Method CURBS and coaching is key… it’s about receiving the inquiry from a coach that helps you figure out what you actually want and what might be standing in your way for your own financial health and wellness.”
  5. “Wise Money Method CURBS helps you get to your sovereignty number, which is the amount of money you need to have in compounding interest investments so that by the time you stop working, you can take out a percentage every month and live off of that percentage without that number ever going down.”
  6. “Wise Money Method CURBS helps you to go through all of your current accounts, build new accounts, and look at all past, present, and future numbers, and then figure out the gap between your current net worth and your future sovereignty number, and then create that number for yourself.”
  7. “Real coaching isn’t [about] coming with anything to educate on, and just ask[ing] questions.”
  8. “The fundamental issue with all the programs, coaching, education, and business promises is that they all promise to take you from zero to six figures… but they never answer how do I get out of the month to month?”

Time Stamps:

  • [0:00] – Introduction
  • [0:49] – Emily Rose’s background
  • [4:36] – The importance of understanding your money story
  • [7:19] – The concept of money mindset
  • [9:50] – Emily’s experience with Curbs
  • [15:07] – The importance of structure in financial planning
  • [18:11] – Understanding the difference between saving and investing
  • [19:50] – The formula for financial independence
  • [22:50] – The role of coaching in financial planning
  • [25:54] – The importance of embodiment in mindset coaching
  • [30:26] – Offering coaching calls to help people with their finances
  • [31:58] – Final thoughts and conclusion

Here’s how to get ahold of Emily:

Book an Opportunity Call: Calendar Link

Email Her: [email protected]

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