#267 Unblinded Mastery W/Sean Callagy

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This week on the Wealthy Wellthy Podcast I speak with special guest and inspiration Sean Callagy. An entrepreneur from early on, Sean Callagy started his first law firm only two years out of law school, and he now has four firms employing 100+ attorneys across the country. 

A renowned lawyer himself, Sean’s law firms have recovered over a half of a billion dollars for health care providers from big insurance companies. 

He is the Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Unblinded, a organization with the mission to cause and train leaders to make the world a better place. 

Sean is a prolific speaker, having influenced thousands of audiences live and virtually to master their human potential, including audiences for Tony Robbins, T-Mobile, and the Walt Disney Corporation. 

Personally, I’ve followed Sean for years, after his sales course Influence Mastery resonated deeply with my personal beliefs, professional philosophy, and sales practice. 

He focuses on the salesperson, not the sale. 
He was one of the first coaches to train salespeople to focus on their personal integrity and ethics rather than on how to close the sale at any cost, especially the cost of their integrity.

In This Incredible Conversation, We Do a Deep-Dive Into the Following Topics:

  • The significance of mentors and coaches in shaping one’s life and trajectory, especially in overcoming challenges and achieving success.
  • The concept of integrity as transparency, adding value, and staying true to one’s word. The importance of assessing whether someone operates with integrity when considering working with them.
  • The exploration of personal development, reframing marketing and selling, and the power of language in influencing and connecting with others.
  • The importance of creating a culture where teams are aligned, speak the same language, and work together with integrity and love.
  • The idea of understanding and fulfilling the three human needs of money, time, and magic, and how they contribute to personal and professional success. The concept of ecosystem merging and the role of unique skill sets, relationship capital, and monetary capital in creating abundance.

In a Conversation Filled With Insight, Analysis, and Inspiration, It Was Challenging to Identify Sean’s Most Meaningful Quotes, but Here Are a Few!

  1. “If they have done the things themselves, it’s relevant, but if they have done it with others, it’s even more relevant. If they haven’t done it themselves, run, sprint away, don’t walk away running sprint, and that would be my how to assess whether or not you should be working with someone (as a coach).”
  2. “Integrity is transparency and adding more value than you take, so an event that’s actually free and leads to a larger event will be in integrity because it will be that which it purports to be, fully, transparently, and adding more value than it seeks to take.”
  3. “I was born with hyper-empathy, a heart for people, a stand for good versus evil, and the ability to create very different results than other people. I became a huge sports fan and understood the difference between work and miraculous results.”
  4. “In high school I started getting good, and I met some profound coaches and mentors. I often say I wasn’t blessed with money, but I was blessed with love. So yes, huge impact. My heart breaks for people who didn’t have that blessing like some people could be, and my heart aches for those that were poor in mentorship, modeling and love.”
  5. “I differentiate between the masterful, the just below masterful, and all the way down the chain (in coaching). I think of things in the scale of 10 and 9.999. You know, coaches, mentors, and models are very hard to find. I was blessed with them over the place. I also saw in some of the coaches my children had, some they didn’t have…your coaches and mentors could also be brutally harmful. So I’m very present to the power of masterful integruous-aligned mentorship and coaching, and I’m very present that it can be anywhere on the continuum down from there. And, when you start to get down into the 7, 6, 5, 4 category, it can move from you know neutrally not helpful to brutally harmful.”
  6. “I’ve had so many individual successes, which I’m grateful for… But the greatest successes I’ve ever experienced in my life, somebody else was the hero. And I was just part of the team. That’s what it was in high school. That’s what it is now….that’s what high school athletics were. We beat Hasbrouck Heights my senior year. I didn’t catch a pass. I didn’t score a touchdown, but I did my job and played almost every play in that game. And we did the impossible, we beat Hasbrouck Heights in front of 3,000 people on their field. We wept, hugging each other crying, weeping saying, ‘We did it.’…I want that for everyone, to do things with integrity and with an integruous team of people who love each other. There’s nothing greater…”

Time Stamps:

  • [0:00:00] Introduction to Sean Callagy, successful trial attorney and speaker.
    [0:04:03] Sean’s early memories and upbringing.
    [0:08:17] Sean’s childhood, family dynamics, and impactful mentors.
    [0:11:17] Daughter’s Soccer Journey and Dream
    [0:15:24] Mission for Integrity and Stand Against Deception
    [0:26:15] Giving Massively and Adding Value at Unblinded
    [0:32:13] Creating a Unified Team with a Shared Language and Vision
    [0:35:05] Seeking to replicate the integrity and team culture of high school.
    [0:39:22] The greatest moments in life are achieved through teamwork.
    [0:43:07] The Power of Language in Communication
    [0:46:24] True Leadership versus Followership
    [0:49:28] Sales and Marketing Can Be Beautiful and Powerful
    [0:52:22] The Commitment to Mastery and Studying Inspirational Figures
    [1:01:12] Excitement for an upcoming event
    [1:05:26] Overcoming blindness: turning adversity into motivation
    [1:08:26] Defying statistics: refusing to be labeled as a statistic

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