#258 How To Build A Successful Real Estate Biz w/Matt Theriault

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Matt Theriault was introduced to me through my close friend Rob Kosberg, who hosts a podcast sharing tips for writing your first book. Rob’s introductions are always to fantastic individuals, and that’s exactly what I found in Matt. This episode is all about investing in real estate, so if you’re looking to start building your own real estate portfolio, this is the perfect episode for you.

Matt has a remarkable story. He was making millions in his early thirties in the music industry, feeling confident and untouchable. However, the sudden shift in the industry left him jobless and broke at 33 years old, forcing him to take a job as a grocery store bagger just to make ends meet.

It was a colleague who introduced Matt to real estate and he never looked back. He went from filing for bankruptcy to now being financially free, living off the income from his successful real estate business and portfolio. Today, Matt’s passion is teaching others how to achieve financial freedom through real estate investing, just like he did.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The basics of real estate investing
  • How to buy property without any cash
  • The proper way to structure a real estate deal
  • Creative financing techniques and how to find off-market deals.

Here’s a preview from the episode:

What is Seller Financing?

“Seller financing is when you purchase a property and become the lender, while the seller takes on the role of the bank. As long as you make the payments, the deed will eventually transfer fully to you. However, if you fail to make payments, the seller has the right to foreclose just as a bank would.”

Building Wealth

“The conventional approach to building wealth is to work hard every day and accumulate a large sum of money, with the hope that it will eventually generate a passive income stream. However, if you focus on creating the stream first, you can attain financial independence much faster.”

Myth Busting

In every episode, I ask my guest to bust a myth. Matt debunks the myth that “it takes money to make money.” He believes that it’s more about your intellectual currency and relationships that have a greater impact on your success, rather than actual dollars.

Work with Matt

If you would like more information about his programs where he teaches how to invest in real estate, click here. 

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