#242 Above and Beyond the Stock Market w/Scott Bennett

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My guest this week is Scott Bennett. Scott worked for over 16 years as a financial planner at one of the largest asset management firms in the world. Scott discovered a fascinating, little known, yet legal way to find out what stocks billion dollar fund managers are buying and selling. If you struggle to know what stocks to buy, when to stay invested, and when to sell, then knowing what stocks fund managers are buying can help you profit and feel confident in the companies you own.

What You Will Learn:

• What investment mistakes have you made and what did you learn?
• What are the most common investing mistakes people make?
• How do you know when to BUY stocks?
• How do you know when to SELL stocks?
• How can you invest with more confidence?
• How do you identify investment trends before they make their big gains?


“Retirement is one strategy but wealth is a different category of strategy… but it isn’t about retirement, it’s really about freedom…”

“You have to have a thirst for knowledge.”

“It’s not always about KNOWING how to solve it— rather, knowing WHO you know that can solve it…”


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