#243 Get Good Sleep w/Todd & Tara Youngblood

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My guests this week are a Power Couple, and also serial entrepreneurs with a passion for bringing new products to market. With over $300M in revenue creation, current focus is on improving sleep with the Chilisleep and sleep.me platform. Please meet Todd and Tara Youngblood.

Let’s Chat…

Are you an avid nap-taker? Depending on your body type, you might be! If you are, Todd + Tara share that it is best to take a nap after lunch because your chronotype is dropping your core body temperature, which is what is facilitating that. 

There are different levels of rest… even different levels of napping! It is important to really examine your schedule and then manage your sleep to get what you need. You need 2 hours of REM sleep and then 2 hours of deep sleep. Be thoughtful with YOUR life! 

Ask yourself: what’s NOT working? Because then you can gain awareness, clarity, and therefore change. Let’s overcome these obstacles!

“Overcoming the next obstacle is what successful entrepreneurs do…” – Todd 

Pressure produces results.” – Todd

Topics Discussed in Episode:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Raising outside capital
  • Start up
  • Positive impact of delayed gratification



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