#231 The “Not-So-Secret” Secrets of Confidence w/ Nicole Kalil

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This week my guest is Nicole Kalil. Nicole is slightly obsessed with confidence and what it takes to both build and keep it! She spent the bulk of her professional life with a Fortune 500 company. Nicole speaks to leaders across the country about the “not-so-secret” secrets of confidence.

“Confidence on the road to competence…” — Nicole Kalil

During our time together, Nicole breaks down a myriad of tangible action items for us to take on the road to confidence. I will share below…

Nicole reminds us to…

  • Face the challenges. 
  • Take the risks. 
  • Chase our dreams. 
  • Make the decisions. 

All with more confidence!

“All the things that matter to us are tied directly to our confidence.” — Nicole Kalil

“Know who you are, own who you are not, and choose to embrace all of it.”  Knowing who we are is step one to confidence building. This also includes owning who you are NOT!

Let’s get deeper into it…

5 Key Confidence Builders:

  • Action builds confidence.
  • Failure (rejection, mistakes, etc.). Remember, we cannot avoid this!! The problem is you cannot be successful OR confident without ever experiencing failure. “Failure is a neutral event…we are the ones bringing meaning to the events!” — Nicole K. 
  • Choosing confidence. It’s not always feeling confident, it’s an active choice.
  • Giving yourself grace on the journey. Understanding that confidence building is always a journey! Fears and doubts don’t go away. So, we are always on this journey. 
  • Building confidence internally. It’s an inside-out game. If you are confident on the inside, it turns outward.


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