#230 The Secret Life of Fat w/Dr. Sylvia Tara

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This week I interviewed Dr. Sylvia Tara, biochemist and author of The Secret Life of Fat.

Sylvia Tara was driven to research fat, science, and lifestyle after she finally got “fed up” with eating less and exercising more than her slimmer friends throughout her life.

Her experiences told her there was more to weight loss than just “calorie in, calorie out.” As a biochemist, she was driven to get to the bottom of fat’s mysteries and the reasons it vexes us.

In her best-selling book, The Secret Life of Fat, she reveals the complex biology of fat, how it resists loss, and what to do to remove stubborn fat. Readers will learn that fat, surprisingly, uses many tricks to stay on us, and only if you understand those tricks can you beat fat at its own game.

Now, here’s a pretty straight forward question: Have you struggled with stubborn fat?

Maybe it was while you were growing up… or even worse… after having kids?
Well, you’re not alone! And Dr. Sylvia did all the research for us 😉

For starters, it we all have a different “fat profile” — we don’t all gain it the same way, or even burn it the same way!

“Fat has a brain!” — Dr. Sylvia

Fat produces hormones called lectin, estrogen, and adiponectin that are essential. It signals out to your body on how to properly act and has a major influence throughout the body!

For instance, lower leptin levels leads us to hunger. And we know where this can lead… this is how weight gain can reappear once weight has been lost! Fat does not want to flee. It’s oddly smart. It’s almost working against you. Hence, those infamous yo yo diets!

“Calories matter. But, what kind of calories you’re eating matters as well.” What is the source? Is it a calorie filled with protein or from a potato chip? It. Matters.

My conversation with Dr. Sylvia was truly fascinating. I have learned so much about the body, and FAT specifically. I trust that her knowledge and expertise will help you and your loved ones, as well. 

Some of the questions we covered: 

  • Why did you write the Secret Life of Fat?
  • What was the most surprising thing you found out about fat?
  • Your title indicates fat is an organ. What do you mean by this?
  • What are the different types of fat on our body?
  • Why is fat harder for some people to lose than for others?
  • You mention fat has tricks to stay on us, what are they?

Dr. Sylvia Tara’s Tips:

  • Don’t compare yourself to the dieter next to you.
  • Get good sleep! This actually can higher your leptin levels 😉




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