#209 The Light that Comes Out of Dark w/Heath Armstrong

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My guest this week is Heath Armstrong. Heath honestly shared with me his story on when he woke up on the couch, face down, pants down. He told me that he struggled with alcoholism. “It was something everybody did…I would drink to numb myself.” (Heath A.; [2:45]).

One of his big moments was a story he shared with me when he was on the plane a few years back. He was approached by this man who simply asked him: “What are you doing and where are you going?” ([6:20]). His follow-up question was: “Do you love it?” And at the time, this completely threw Heath off. He had never been asked that before. Any of it!

Heath reminds us of all the dreams, ambitions and goals we had as kids, yet most of us are not living the lives we once imagined. As he puts it: “Overwhelm and resistance come really heavily from too big of a vision— or not clear enough of a vision, and so un-chunking it is super helpful. But, to actually bring things to life, or to manifest things, it’s sort of a multi-part system (Heath A.; [27:00]). 

If you’re feeling stuck or even if you could use that extra oomf of encouragement today, this is the conversation for you. 

Topics Mentioned in Episode:

  1. How to create affirmations that work.
  2. How to build a system for bringing visions to reality (this is pretty robust).
  3. Heath’s story — from waking up face-down-pants-down in my garage to creating multiple businesses and grossing $millions online while traveling (and losing it all) and finding clarity in it all.


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“I think that if you’ve been paying attention so little that you have a job that you aren’t in alignment with, in a relationship that you don’t want; you’re buying a bunch of things to numb the sense of where you’re at in the world— to try to block yourself from understanding who you really are and then you’re addicted to a bunch of things to numb yourself also, then you’re pretty ripe for a sledgehammer from the Universe.” — Heath Armstrong; [3:15]

“I didn’t know it was possible to have a lifestyle where you had no more Mondays.” — Heath Armstrong; [7:15]

“I made a commitment to try to do something creative everyday in that moment, that would get my brain thinking away from what I was doing with work.” — Heath A,; [8:25]

“What was really the catalyst for change was that I opened myself up to getting help. I was always scared, I didn’t think anyone else was battling something like that; I was embarrassed…” — Heath A.; [8:50]

“As you progress, and you overcome these obstacles, you realize how important it is for us all to be inspiring and motivating and helping each other in any way that we can with unconditional love.” — Heath A.; [10:20]

“I can continuously explore and find all the answers that I’ve ever wanted by seeking the uncomfortable.” — Heath A.; [11:10]

“I feel like time slows down when you live every moment with intent. And intent comes when you eliminate distractions and figure out who you are and what you want to work towards.” — Heath A.; [17:00]

“Hesitation is the most dangerous thing of all. Because if you can break the habit of hesitating, then all of a sudden fear and procrastination, they all fall aside, too.” — Heath A.; [18:05]

“The treasure map is your intuition!” — Heath A.; [22:48]

“The belief in yourself allows you to ask for help.” — Heath A.; [22:30] 

“The problem that most people have with actually creating affirmations that work— or visions that work— is that you don’t truly believe that they can work. And you’re just creating space in between you and it.” — Heath A.; [29:00]

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