#206 Your Body is a Bank, What Are You Putting Into It?

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This week, I talk with Nutritionist, Kate Turner.

Kate dives deep on just how we can take more control of our health and wellness. Ready to dive in with us? Good!

I know this comes as no surprise, yet, we still have not mastered the number one ingredient to good health: 


So, let’s talk more about it. 

So, let’s talk more about it. 

What I notice is that most people  focus on the macros in their diet, which is important, of course. It’s certainly what we hear about most often. But, what conversation is being neglected when it comes to food and good health? It’s the micro-nutrients. When’s the last time you had a conversation about the micros? 

This is why I loved this conversation with Kate Turner. She jumped right in to talk about the importance of paying attention to  prioritizing micros. These are the nutrients (vitamins and minerals) found in your foods! 

If you are micronutrient deficient (like everyone else!), what may you be missing in your (macro) diet? Kate offers a full breakdown of knowledge, facts, and even the specific supplements and vitamins we should strongly consider adding into our daily repertoire. 

“It’s all about the micronutrients.”

Kate Turner; [7:45]

Favorite Moments —> TIPS:

  • Every meal, have some sort of vegetable in there!
  • Bring down your sugar intake: candies, yes, and also all carbohydrates turn into sugar, so another reason to up you veggie intake! Whole food starches: sweet potatoes, peas, whole grains.
  • Supplements to add to your diet: Vitamin B Complex, Magnesium, Vitamin C.
  • Need breakfast inspo for adding in your greens? Try throwing in some spinach, arugula, or even tomatoes with your scrabbled eggs! 
  • Your egg yolk should be a bright orange color (this shows that the chicken was eating a healthier diet). Look for the term “Pasture Raised”!
  • Wild caught fish vs farm fish: wild caught could have a chance of higher mercury levels, but they’re also higher in selenium (blocks mercury form being absorbed in your body). 


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“It’s more about creating our health versus being reactionary to it. So, being reactionary to a diagnosis…what we really want to do, and it helps you get out of that fear state, is to be proactive about your health and create health.” — Kate Turner; [1:40]

“Health is wealth: think of your body as a bank—what are you putting into it, to increase that wealth? What are you putting into your body that’s going to help fight a virus, that’s going to help you feel better and live longer? I think that’s something that is so underrated is just feeling good— but that’s something we all want is to just feel good on a daily basis.” — Kate Turner; [2:40]

“70% of your immune system lives in your gut!” — Kate Turner; [29:00]

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