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#171 – Creating Cash Flow Through Airbnb Partnerships with Hans Knol

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Episode Summary

On today’s episode of the Wealthy Wellthy Podcast, I’m joined by Hans Knol. Hans has mastered the art of Airbnb and he owns a thriving Airbnb business without actually owning any real estate. He is helping real estate investors, agents, brokers, and entrepreneurs achieve a stable recurring income by providing teaching and coaching with his BNB Brokering Masterclasses.

As an Airbnb super host myself, I learned a ton from this conversation, Hans and I discuss the mindset of a successful host and how to structure an Airbnb business as an actual business. He shares the secrets on how to set up properties intelligently to break through the noise and competition. We talk about how to market properties to keep a full calendar with the technologies and tools that most don’t know about that can make all the difference for a healthy real estate investment income stream.

This information is very relevant right now in light of what’s going on in the marketplace. As a host, my very nice Airbnb income vanished overnight as my reservations and bookings for the next three months canceled. So I’m taking this time to upgrade my properties, improving my systems, and implementing what Hans recommends to be well-positioned and highly competitive for when people start booking again. For anyone with an Airbnb property, listening to these tips is important and it may be what carries you over the other side. If you don’t have an Airbnb yet, now might be the time to put this strategy in place.

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What We Covered 

  • [2:42] – Who is Hans Knol?
  • [6:41] – How to run an Airbnb business without any properties to list
  • [11:06] – Distinguishing if a property should be used for short term rentals
  • [14:10] – Fill the calendar and charge a premium for a short term rental
  • [19:22] – Competing with large short term rental companies
  • [22:37] – Details matter like nothing else
  • [28:11] – Hans’ technique for closing new property owners
  • [33:31] – How Hans structures his property partner deals
  • [38:23] – If you really knew Hans Knol, you’d know that…
  • [38:42] – Hans’ brag moment
  • [40:33] – Mythbusting with Hans


[Tweet “Details matter like nothing else.“]

[Tweet “Stop saying I can’t do this to yourself, because you can.”]

Links Mentioned

Find the value of properties for short term rental

Hans’ reccommended tool for managing short term rental networks

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