#172 – Find Your Breakthrough Mindset in Uncertain Times with Alli Waddell

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Episode Summary

On this episode of the Wealthy Wellthy Podcast, I interview my good friend Alli Waddell. Many times trauma and life circumstances can cause that light to dim, to be blocked out by fear, depression, and anxiety. At Illumma, Alli helps people shine bright again, Alli along with her partner Dr. Ken Adolph founded illuma Ketamine Infusion Therapy in Austin, Texas.

What is ketamine, you ask?

Well, you’ll find out in this episode over the next hour. Alli shares how effective Ketamine is as a healing tool for mental health issues like anxiety, depression, PTSD, even serves as a way to help people reach that next level of success when used as a breakthrough tool. Especially when one feels stuck or struggles with the fear that many successful entrepreneurs feel thereby causing unwanted anxiety, emotional blocks or difficulties in relationships.

We talked about how entrepreneurial success is directly tied to mental health and resiliency, and how important it is to take care of the mind and spirit while working hard to build the dream. Alli shares the pros and cons of Ketamine compared to other prescriptive medication as well as plant medicines. If you’re an entrepreneur or just feeling more anxiety or fear than usual to the current state of affairs you’ll definitely wish wish to listen in.

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I wish everyone listening good health and safety. And a big heartfelt thank you to all of the health care providers and first responders including Alli and Ken, please enjoy my conversation with Alli Waddell.

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What We Covered 

  • [2:34] – A brief intro of Alli Waddell and what she does
  • [6:01] – What is Ketamine and what is a Ketamine clinic?
  • [12:36] – Why is it just now becoming a more common alternative treatment?
  • [21:04] – How Ketamine can treat anxiety 
  • [29:09] – The BS of busyness
  • [32:37] – Some pros and cons of different healing tools
  • [39:34] – Unlocking years of breakthrough
  • [41:20] – How is Ketamine viewed with addiction and recovery?
  • [52:57] – Finding peace in times of uncertainty
  • [55:29] – If you really knew Alli, you’d know that…
  • [55:58] – Alli’s brag moment
  • [56:22] – Mythbusting with Alli Waddell


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