#114 – Move the Needle with Allison Maslan

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Episode Summary

Krisstina welcomes entrepreneur, business mentor, and best-selling author of the book Blast Off, Allison Maslan. Few people know how to create a successful business better than Allison. Over the course of her thirty-five-year career, she built ten companies, became an expert in scaling those businesses, and turned that into a successful mentorship and consulting company, Maslan International. With clients ranging from Ben & Jerry’s to Allstate, Maslan International has helped businesses master the art of scaling and break through to the next levels of exponential growth.

In this episode, we talk all about scaling businesses to maximize revenue and growth. Krisstina and Allison talk about the importance of hiring correctly, building relationships, and having a strong strategic vision. Allison dissects the acronym SCALE and details her step-by step process by which she solves her clients’ problems. Krisstina and Allison discuss leadership styles and how these styles tend to set the tone for many organizations. Finally, they touch on the topic of business growth and the different forms that growth can take. This is a crucial part of the scaling process, as economies are constantly fluctuating and industries are perpetually being disrupted.

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/ZYR5VxfO66Y

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What We Covered

  • [01:01] – Krisstina welcomes Allison to the podcast
  • [03:21] – Allison’s entrepreneurial background
  • [04:52] – What it means to ‘scale’ a business
  • [06:33] – Some of the struggles Allison sees in business owners looking to scale their businesses
  • [09:18] – How to build a team to help grow your business
  • [14:02] – Giving your team the roadmap and training they need to succeed
  • [17:02] – Allison’s advice on building successful virtual teams in this technology-driven, telecommuting society
  • [22:05] – Allison stresses the importance of an ever-present and strategic vision
  • [23:28] – Cash flow and investing in yourself
  • [26:41] – Allison’s philosophy on sales
  • [30:18] – Alliance of teams through hiring and cultivating employees with shared vision
  • [33:56] – How building relationships in business opens doors immediately
  • [36:10] – Krisstina and Allison discuss leadership and culture
  • [42:01] – Allison’s two-step process for execution
  • [44:27] – Allison gives business owners advice in discipline
  • [47:04] – The different types of growth that a company can achieve
  • [50:01] – The consistencies Allison sees across her clients’ business financials
  • [52:17] – Parting words of advice to business owners from Allison
  • [54:15] – Allison debunks the myth that it’s hard to find good help
  • [54:57] – Allison’s new book, Scale or Fail and her gift to the audience


[Tweet “I often say that I came out of the womb as a business owner because I grew up in an entrepreneurial family.”]
[Tweet “People wait way too long ‘til they start growing a team. Because once you invest and once you start to build, it’s like a stair step.”]
[Tweet “Your time is your value. Especially as you get to that higher six-figures. Your money can come and go, but your time cannot. How you spend your time is what’s going to move the needle.”]
[Tweet “SCALE is: Strategic vision, Cash flow, Alliance of the team, Leadership, and Execution.”]
[Tweet “You have to invest in yourself. You have to invest in your business.”]
[Tweet “Sales is really sharing.”]
[Tweet “Business is the exchange of transactions. My product or service for your money and maybe your product or service for my money.”]
[Tweet “It’s not what you know or how you get there. It’s who you know.”]
[Tweet “I say business owners have EADD, which is entrepreneurial ADD.”]
[Tweet “Make decisions from where you’re going, not from where you’re at.”]

Links Mentioned

Allison’s Website

Allison’s 17 Ways to Scale Your Company

Scalable Strategies Download & Training Video

Leadership Assessment & Training Video

Big Picture Mind Map & Training Video

Get a free copy of Krisstina’s new book “Falling For Money” here

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