#112 – Follow Your Heart, Find Your Mind with Amber Sears

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Episode Summary

Krisstina welcomes to the podcast international entrepreneur, business coach, and Pilates and yoga instructor, Amber Sears. After living out a career-centric lifestyle in San Francisco for eight years, Amber decided to make a radical move to Costa Rica, seeking more balance in her life. From there, she started a wellness center, began living the lifestyle of her dreams, and started running retreats focused on helping others achieve life-changing experiences. Amber recently got married to comedian J.P. Sears and is now splitting her time between their home in Austin, Texas and her retreat destinations in Costa Rica, Thailand, and Guatemala.

In this episode, we talk about spiritual awakening and what it means to be truly present in today’s hectic society. We talk about the epidemic of unhappiness and the lack of fulfillment that generates as a result. Amber stresses the importance of prioritizing the people and relationships that matter most and reversing our value systems to reflect that. We touch on the importance of community and tribe. Finally, we talk about simplifying life and the concept of creating and holding space to achieve spiritual, personal, and professional growth in our lives.

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/sPby5hfhrXs

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What We Covered

  • [01:01] – Krisstina welcomes Amber to the podcast
  • [02:42] – Amber’s recent move to Austin, Texas
  • [04:28] – Amber discusses her recent marriage to her husband, J.P.
  • [05:35] – Amber talks about her background and her experience in the “rat race”
  • [10:38] – Envision Festival in Costa Rica
  • [12:51] – Amber’s struggles with depression
  • [14:06] – Prioritizing what matters to you
  • [16:20] – The difference between life before and after moving to Costa Rica
  • [18:40] – How long it took Amber to adjust to her new lifestyle
  • [21:02] – Amber lists practices and principles she’s brought with her back to Austin
  • [24:38] – What it means to be present
  • [27:15] – The comparison syndrome
  • [31:56] – Reversing our value systems
  • [34:34] – The lack of connection in our society
  • [35:55] – How Amber learned to say no
  • [39:18] – Amber’s strategies to combat addiction to technology and social media
  • [42:03] – J.P.’s social media rule
  • [44:40] – Krisstina and Amber discuss simplifying life
  • [46:18] – Amber talks about her work and Epic Awakening retreats
  • [52:28] – The healing power of ayahuasca
  • [56:20] – Amber’s recommendations for anyone looking to explore ayahuasca ceremonies
  • [57:12] – Amber’s next retreats
  • [57:50] – The importance of creating and holding space to achieve spiritual growth
  • [1:01:24] – Amber debunks the myth that you must be perfect to be valued


[Tweet “I was just doing anything I could to escape the city and maintain some balance of connection to nature and to like-minded, like-hearted entrepreneurs and colleagues.”]
[Tweet “If you need time off, you have to prioritize it. You have to build in that balance. You have to mandate it initially.”]
[Tweet “It’s who we are along the journey, I think, that matters.”]
[Tweet “In modern day society, we’re living from the neck up and we’re so stuck in our minds, but we really need to tap back into our body wisdom.”]
[Tweet “In order to follow your heart, you have to find your mind.”]
[Tweet “One of the things we do when we’re out is we’ll play this phone game where we’ll just pile up our phones and the first person to reach for their phone has to pay the bill.”]
[Tweet “Social media’s not sacred.”]
[Tweet “Our business has become our boss and we’re not the boss of our business, in a way.”]
[Tweet “That’s how we’re going to connect to our hearts more fully is if we can fully embrace and accept all aspects of ourselves.”]

Links Mentioned

Epic Self Website

Amber’s Instagram

Ayahuasca Website

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