#111 – Health is the True Wealth with Dr. Mitch Fleisher

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Episode Summary

Krisstina welcomes to the podcast Dr. Mitch Fleisher, a medical doctor and homeopath with over forty years’ experience who fundamentally believes that our body is its best healer. He is a double board-certified family physician who specializes in a myriad of natural healing therapies and anti-aging and regenerative medicine. For the past thirty years, Dr. Fleisher has focused on practicing the art and science of integrative medicine with the goal of increasing his patients’ quality of life.

In this episode, we talk about pain and homeopathic remedies to help alleviate that pain. Dr. Fleisher talks about the significant dangers and health risks of long-term consumption of prescriptive and over-the-counter medication. He warns against surgical procedures and offers alternative methods and therapies to help heal the body. We also extensively cover the modern miracle that is stem cell therapy and how it can be used for anti-aging. Dr. Fleisher talks about the body’s innate ability to heal itself when given proper care and attention. Finally, Dr. Fleisher chronicles one of the most amazing patient cases of his medical career.

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/LKc2P5ZFrPg

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What We Covered

  • [02:40] – Krisstina welcomes Dr. Fleisher to the podcast
  • [05:35] – Dr. Fleisher shares his background in homeopathy and nutritional therapy
  • [06:42] – What are stem cells?
  • [10:29] – Why embryonic stem cells are no longer used
  • [11:23] – The most common use of bone marrow stem cells
  • [13:10] – Obtaining stem cells from the birth tissues (placenta and umbilical cord)
  • [15:02] – The different types of stem cells
  • [17:58] – Defining telomeres
  • [21:28] – Medical examples of homeopathic agents and stem cells
  • [26:12] – How Dr. Fleisher discovered homeopathic remedies after tearing his meniscus
  • [28:49] – Ozone therapy explained
  • [30:38] – Why stem cell therapy is the most powerful therapy
  • [32:34] – Homeopathic joint regeneration therapy versus stem cell therapy
  • [37:18] – The dangers and health risks of surgical procedures
  • [42:28] – The importance of health, nutrition and diet to the healing process
  • [45:33] – Reasons some people do not heal well
  • [47:03] – Krisstina shares her personal struggles with neck pain and asks Dr. Fleisher’s advice
  • [49:46] – Defining fibromyalgia and potential treatments
  • [53:23] – How stem cell therapy can aid in anti-aging
  • [57:59] – Dr. Fleisher’s recommended anti-aging therapies
  • [1:00:53] – How much do joint regeneration therapy and stem cell therapies cost?
  • [1:05:45] – Dr. Fleisher discusses how he treats multiple sclerosis (MS) in patients
  • [1:08:40] – Dr. Fleisher’s hopes for the future of stem cell therapy
  • [1:09:34] – One of the most amazing patient cases of Dr. Fleisher’s medical career
  • [1:16:16] – Where patients can go to get treatment from Dr. Fleisher
  • [1:17:24] – Dr. Fleisher debunks the myth that the body can’t heal itself


[Tweet “The definition of a stem cell is a primitive cell that has the ability to stimulate the healing of our body.”]
[Tweet “Science has shown that the human body could not exist for more than twelve hours without stem cells.”]
[Tweet “The most powerful healing we have is our own healing.”]
[Tweet “If you have more than six surgical procedures under general anesthesia, you have a much higher risk of dementia because there’s vascular damage that occurs in the brain when you’re under general anesthesia.”]
[Tweet “We have this artificial separation between mind, body, and spirit. There’s no such thing. We’re one continuum.”]
[Tweet “Why would we want to live a long time to be miserable?”]
[Tweet “Health is the true wealth.”]
[Tweet “Stem cell therapy is the therapy of the future.”]
[Tweet “Stem cells are the most powerful medicine on planet Earth.”]

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Dr. Fleisher’s Bio

Dr. Fleisher’s Website

Dr. Fleisher’s Website

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