#110 – Living Naturally with Katie Wells

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Episode Summary

Krisstina welcomes author, blogger, podcaster, journalist, researcher, and entrepreneur, Katie Wells. Known to her fans as Wellness Mama, Katie is the founder of a health and wellness company of the same name. She’s made it her mission to help other families live more natural lives through practical tips, real food recipes, natural remedies, and much more. Katie was named one of the 100 most influential people in health and wellness and is considered a pioneer with her progressive, health-focused practices.

In this episode, we talk all about health and wellness, including the unknown dangers that exist in the foods and products we use daily. We discuss the impact that stress can have on our hormones and our overall longevity. Katie gives her opinions on nail polish, deodorant, toothpaste, sunscreen, and cleaning supplies and provides do-it-yourself tips and recipes to create healthy alternatives to these everyday items. Finally, Katie touches on her philosophy about money and describes how she runs her family like a business, assigning responsibilities and roles to each family member. If you want to learn a little bit about health and wellness and learn a little bit about business and balance, then this is the episode for you!

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/uVlFKU3Jauc

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What We Covered

  • [01:01] – Krisstina welcomes Katie to the podcast
  • [03:43] – How Krisstina found Katie’s work
  • [05:13] – What inspired Katie to enter the health and wellness field
  • [09:40] – Why chronic diseases are becoming more prevalent, especially in children
  • [11:18] – Katie’s theory on what is causing this rise in chronic diseases
  • [14:52] – The impact food can have on health and wellness
  • [15:52] – The impact personal care products can have on health and wellness
  • [19:20] – Living a more natural lifestyle
  • [22:02] – Natural alternatives to household products that include chemicals
  • [23:02] – Katie’s views on nail polish
  • [24:02] – Katie’s views on deodorant
  • [26:17] – Katie’s views on toothpaste
  • [28:34] – Katie’s views on sunscreen
  • [31:23] – Katie’s views on other household items, such as detergents and cleaning supplies
  • [32:59] – The health hazards plastic can cause
  • [35:48] – Skin care products and the body’s natural aging process
  • [38:19] – Katie’s thoughts on makeup, beauty, and aging
  • [40:18] – Stress and how it impacts our hormones
  • [44:30] – Katie breaks down how she runs her household like a business
  • [49:25] – Simplifying life to achieve more
  • [51:22] – The learning curve of balancing business and marriage
  • [54:02] – The biggest challenges Katie faces in achieving work/life balance
  • [55:35] – Katie’s philosophy on money
  • [58:01] – Defining success
  • [1:00:32] – Katie’s next ventures
  • [1:00:00] – Katie debunks the myth that life must be hard and busy


[Tweet “For the first time in two centuries, the current generation of American children will have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.”]
[Tweet “I think moms are the ones who can fix it because we make the buying decisions in our country and we’re feeding and raising the next generation.”]
[Tweet “A concerned mom can do better research than the FBI.”]
[Tweet “If you eat a food that makes you sick, you notice that immediately. You can see that input-output reaction. Whereas, when you have chronic, low-level exposure to something like laundry detergent, you’re not having an immediate reaction.”]
[Tweet “We are putting chemicals right on top of our lymphatic system every single day. It’s another chronic, low-level exposure if you happen to have any of these problematic things in your deodorant.”]
[Tweet “We have a chronic vitamin D deficiency in our country, which can put you at a 40% higher risk of all cancers.”]
[Tweet “In the U.S., the average amount of waste is one trash bag per day per person. In Denmark, they only make four bags of trash per year per person.”]
[Tweet “When did aging become a bad thing? When did we decide that it was bad to look the age we are? It used to be that the elderly were revered in a society and that their wrinkles were a sign of wisdom.”]
[Tweet “In general, once they can do a job for themselves, I’m not going to do it for them. Once they can do their own laundry, cut their own food, and cook their own meals, I’m not going to do it for them.”]
[Tweet “If your compassion doesn’t extend to yourself, it’s incomplete.”]
[Tweet “Success is not about money. If all you have is money, you’re poor. Success is about changing the world, helping others, and creating a positive ripple in the world.”]

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