#109 – Sexy is a Mindset with Susan Bratton

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Episode Summary

Krisstina welcomes to the podcast award-winning speaker, author, and serial entrepreneur, Susan Bratton. Considered the “Dear Abby” of hot sex, Susan advocates for those who desire a more passionate relationship. As a self-described “sexpert,” Susan teaches lovemaking techniques, bedroom communication skills, and sexual health and longevity concepts through her company, Personal Life Media. After all, Susan’s personal mantra is “couples who play in bed together, stay together.”

In this episode, we discuss a myriad of topics stemming from relationships and sex. Susan candidly discusses the taboo label that sex has in our society and how pornography has negatively affected sex. She talks about the importance of being present, surrendering to pleasure, and enjoying intimacy with a sexual partner. We also learn about erotic playdates, how to have expanded orgasms, and unknown techniques that make for crazy-good sex. Who doesn’t want more of that? Finally, Susan debunks myths about sex that limit people from enhanced lovemaking with their partners.

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/fEYNbrZMvEA

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What We Covered

  • [00:55] – Krisstina welcomes Susan to the podcast
  • [02:36] – How Susan and Krisstina met at a women’s leadership summit
  • [05:15] – The most powerful women in business still struggle with self-worth
  • [10:15] – Taking advantage of femininity and confidence to gain an edge in business
  • [16:05] – Susan elaborates on why sex is such a taboo topic of conversation
  • [18:02] – How pornography has negatively affected sex
  • [23:07] – Surrendering to your own pleasure
  • [27:54] – Susan’s tips for making your partner happy in the bedroom
  • [31:37] – How Susan keeps it hot with Tim, her husband of 25 years
  • [34:13] – The mission of Susan’s company, Personal Life Media
  • [36:37] – Susan touches on the topic of menopause
  • [38:53] – Susan raves about the benefits of vaginal rejuvenation treatments
  • [43:35] – Other ways Susan keeps herself healthy and robust
  • [45:46] – Age is just a number—no seriously!
  • [50:01] – Susan’s relationship with her husband Tim
  • [51:59] – Giving yourself permission to take a lover even if that person does not meet every criterion for a relationship
  • [56:28] – Rekindling the sexual flame in an otherwise healthy marriage
  • [58:29] – Susan’s number one technique to help have great sex
  • [1:00:07] – Debunking myths about sex and relationships


[Tweet “Where masculine tends to be testosterone-driven, single-focused, [and] territorial, feminine is much more team-oriented, collaborative, and multi-tasking.”]
[Tweet “Pretty is a mindset. Beauty is a mindset. Sexy is a mindset.”]
[Tweet “I’ve often said that the most important things to get good at are sex and money. What are the two things that people don’t talk about and don’t get good at—sex and money!”]
[Tweet “Testosterone is a little devil of a hormone. And so, he needs regular sex, but you deserve regular sex.”]
[Tweet “Presence is a practice, especially for women.”]
[Tweet “The couples that stay together, play together, especially in the bedroom.”]
[Tweet “What people notice is how you make them feel. How you make them feel is related to how you show up in the world.”]

Links Mentioned

Susan’s Youtube Channel

Susan’s Company Website

Sexual Soulmate Website

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