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Episode Summary

Krisstina and Dr. Kirk Parsley team up to interview Nik Hawks and Lee Selman, founders of the healthy dessert company, Paleo Treats. Nik and Lee are the definition of a power couple; Nik is a former Navy SEAL and Lee is an entrepreneurial mastermind. They founded their company with a distinct mission—make the world a happier and healthier place. Utilizing a personal value system and a simple yet powerful mantra, Nik and Lee show what it truly takes to be successful partners in business and in life.

In this episode, we discuss the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Nik and Lee share personal stories of their own health and describe why Paleo Treats is their passion project. We also broach the topics of biohacking, life’s bumpers, and the uncomfortable nature of being an entrepreneur. Finally, Nik and Lee discuss the joys of sharing their struggles, business and otherwise, with each other. With an incredible line of products and a growing business, Nik and Lee certainly live up to their ethos: “Be Exceptional!”

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What We Covered

  • [01:02] – Krisstina welcomes to the podcast Nik Hawks and Lee Selman
  • [03:17] – Dr. Parsley describes how he knows Nik and Lee
  • [05:36] – The story behind how Nik and Lee started Paleo Treats
  • [09:43] – Nik and Lee discuss their previous business ventures
  • [12:39] – Lessons Nik learned from the military and from early business failures
  • [17:17] – The uncomfortable nature of being an entrepreneur
  • [18:32] – Lee’s definition of an entrepreneur
  • [21:54] – The values and ethos that guides Nik and Lee’s company
  • [23:05] – “Bullshit or gold” explained
  • [24:13] – Nik and Lee’s continual pursuit of excellence
  • [27:22] – Lee explains why they created Paleo Treats
  • [29:34] – Nik talks about altering his mindset to pursue a joyful life
  • [32:00] – Nik and Lee broach the topic of hacking and biohacking
  • [37:08] – Lee opens up about her personal health scare
  • [42:55] – Your body is your “vessel” and the importance of taking care of your vessel
  • [44:43] – The importance of sleep to maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • [46:34] – The story of how a Mexican peso saved Nik and Lee’s marriage
  • [51:20] – Lee, Nik, and Krisstina discuss their idea of a healthy life
  • [57:01] – Nik defines unconditional commitment
  • [1:00:45] – Lee talks about maintaining her identity as a woman
  • [1:02:36] – How Nik and Lee navigate being life partners, as well as business partners
  • [1:05:27] – Nik and Lee elaborate on the communication tools they use in their daily lives
  • [1:10:52] – Divvying up the workload for Paleo Treats
  • [1:13:32] – Nik and Lee talk about the joys of sharing their struggle with each other
  • [1:16:30] – Lee stresses the sentiment that relationships are hard work
  • [1:20:39] – What are Paleo Treats?
  • [1:24:03] – Where can you find Paleo Treats?


Links Mentioned

Paleo Treats Website

Paleo Treats Instagram

Paleo Treats Twitter

Paleo Treats Facebook

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