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Episode Summary

In order to live a financially and spiritually fulfilling life, one must learn to deal with the expectations of others. No one knows this better than Peter Sage,  an ambitious entrepreneur who has personally helped launch over 20 companies across a multitude of fields. Now, he is  an author and public seeker, seeking to change the way we view ourselves, and others.

Krisstina welcomes Peter to the podcast, and they dive into Peter’s fascinating views on human nature. They discuss how most people have yet to achieve social freedom, where they stop worrying unnecessarily  about other people’s opinions. Then they discuss Peter’s theory that all of life is like a school, in that there are multiple ways you can view its purpose. Finally, they discuss Peter’s new book, “The Inside Track,” which is composed of letters he wrote while serving a 6-month prison sentence.

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What We Covered

  • [03:40] – How Krisstina and Peter became friends
  • [05:34] – Peter Sage’s journey to becoming an entrepreneur
  • [12:20] – What keeps people from pursuing their dreams?
  • [16:00] – The danger of being driven by GOOP (Good Opinions of Other People) and the importance of social freedom
  • [20:30] – How to achieve social freedom
  • [28:45] – Conditioning yourself to think positively
  • [31:30] – Peter’s theory on “earth school,” in which life is one giant school
  • [47:00] – How best to traverse the highway of life
  • [55:15] – How our minds adapt to the environment around us
  • [1:02:00] – How to achieve a successful state of mind when you feel that you are at the bottom of your life
  • [1:09:00] – Peter’s book “The Inside Track,” and how he hopes it will change the world
  • [1:15:45] – A myth that peter wants to debunk for the people listening


Links Mentioned

Peter’s website

Peter’s book launch Facebook page

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