Top 10 takeaways from WealthyWellthy Live

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Success in Wealth. Success in Health. Success in Love. Fulfillment & Happiness.

Are these simply platitudes that the personal development gurus dangle in front of us? Or, are they real and attainable?

My belief?

They are absolutely real and attainable. And better yet. It’s possible to succeed in all four realms simultaneously.

How do I know?

Because I am here.

I feel and experience abundance in each of these categories — all at the same time. Even after recently divorcing. Losing — in the process — 75% of my income and over half of my net worth.

Life is deliciously good. Better than it’s ever been. With far less money. And, fewer possessions. Why? Because the chase of more — more money, more status, more followers, more likes, more things — is over.

I’ve replaced the chase of “more” with a focus on filling my days with meaningful work and meaningful relationships. In fact, over the past twelve months, I’ve cut everything out of my life that wasn’t truly worthy of my time and attention. In the process, I’ve narrowed my focus to just three things — Love, Health & Freedom.

In the full essence of this newfound focusI hosted my most recent Wealthy Wellthy Mastermind Retreat.– This event marked the official collaboration and partnership with Dr. Kirk Parsley [the (new) Wellthy of Wealthy Wellthy]. Over three amazing days, 40 of my colleagues, clients and friends joined me at my home in Austin — escaping the fray simply to talk.

We spent long days (and nights) going deep. Getting vulnerable. Being real. And talking authentically about money, business, health, success, failure, fear, love and happiness.

The Mastermind


I often get asked why I put these events on. And why I’ve added even more dates to my calendar.

[If you’ve ever put on a live event — you know the crazy amount of work that is required. And, add the challenge of trying to persuade successful people with busy lives — to get away from the busyness for a few days.]

To be perfectly honest, right before each mastermind I seriously question whether I want to “do this” again. (Having just recovered from Shingles ← yes Shingles!, I was especially hesitant about this particular event…)

But, as is always the case, the answer is yes. Because love, health and freedom (as a package) only comes as a result of being “together.” Learning together. Sharing together. Masterminding together. Talking together. Creating together. Being … together.

At each mastermind event I host, I learn. I grow. I make new friends. And, my life changes. This, in part, is the natural result of preparing my latest work, material and (desired) message for the group. But mostly, the change is a result of the growth magic that happens when a group of extraordinary people get together.

(Not coincidentally, the theme of the event was, “Do you believe in Magic?”)

If you wanted to be at my June Mastermind but, couldn’t, here are some of the highlights.

Here are the top 10 takeaways from the WealthyWellthy Mastermind…

1. If you’re not slightly embarrassed by who you were last year, you’re not going fast enough.

This is where we started the weekend. This one statement brought the entire room to a pause. Many laughed at their own embarrassing post year reflection. Others considered that perhaps they were not growing fast enough.

2. Knowledge isn’t power – Action is power

The old adage says, “To know and not do is the same as not knowing.” In this day and age of information — there is no lack of knowledge that holds us back. It’s only fear that holds us back from action. My friend, actor and entrepreneur Tait Fletcher, had this to add:

“I’m in the action business, I’m not in the results business. If I practice nice, solid, slow, consistent reps, I get good results. I can do this with money. With health. With love. All of my success (and fulfillment) is simply the consequence of applying the practice of consistent action.”

3. To overcome procrastination, you must surrender your fear of failure.

What immobilizes people is fear. Fear of things that haven’t even happened yet. Of things that likely will never happen. This fear of “what if” — “what if I fail” or “what if I’m not good enough” — is the cause of procrastination –> putting off that scary potential unsuccessful outcome way into the future.

Instead — adopt the mood of curiosity and passionate desire to experiment. Like a good science project — the fun is in the experiment. Success or failure is irrelevant.

4. You do not get rich from your business. You get rich by how you spend your money.

My own signature CURBS(™) money mastery system is built on the premise that we don’t get rich (become free) based on how much we earn. We build wealth based on how we spend. During the weekend I presented a cliff notes version of my financial model for getting out of the rat race — in order to build real, sustainable wealth and passive income for a life of freedom.


5. Do not wish for more money. Wish to add more value (to your life and others’)

Wealth and the determination of value can be defined in vastly different ways.
And for many, that definition of wealth is short-sighted and of narrow perspective — or borrowed from old (outdated) money paradigms.

Real wealth holds a new definition. It transcends material possessions for external validation and moves into love, time and experiences. With a concern, not for more money, but for adding more value to the (lovely) people around you.

6. How to find your financial sweet spot:

During a breakout session, lifestyle entrepreneur, seasoned investor, and international speaker Mike Wolf presented the formula he’s used his entire career to determine which projects to pursue:

a. Something you are good at (does this play to your strengths?)

b.Something you are passionate about (is this something you are excited about?)

c.Something that is a good use of your time (does the time spent in pursuit of this project fuel you or drain you?)

7. The secret to optimizing your time:

Step 1: Evaluation: Determine what are you saying “yes” to.
Step 2: Question: Are you saying yes to the things that truly matter?
Step 3: Simplify: For all choices, distill options to either a “Hell yes!” or “F*ck no”

This borrows from the philosophies of essentialism and minimalism that I teach on in my private coaching and in my money programs. It’s not about restriction and discipline as much as it is about discernment. We give too many F*cks about things that don’t matter. And too few about those that do (like our money, health and marriage!) Choose wisely as to what to give a f*ck about and say no to everything else (especially if it includes Facebook or Instagram!)


8. Commitment to vulnerability leads to breakthroughs… For everyone involved.

The beauty of playing full out, of putting the real you on full display (in all your imperfect glory), is that is gives other people permission to do the same. And while vulnerability connects you to others, it more importantly it connects you to yourself. When you give yourself permission to be vulnerable, to make mistakes, to fail, to have “flaws,” only then can you truly can grow.

During the closing circle at Wealthy Wellthy, our good friend and successful life coach/entrepreneur, Peter Sage had this to say (about me 🤗) – “Your vulnerability gave us permission to play full out. You displayed a willingness to be more real than anyone I’ve ever seen – In 30 years of doing what I do. It’s a real new standard for the entire industry of business and entrepreneurship.”

9. Be in the room

Some clients tell me that they’d prefer to watch the video recording of one of my workshops rather than make the time to join the live event. I get it – Time is a commodity that most of us have rationed in small amounts. But. And this is a huge “BUT.” Nothing replaces the experience of actually being in the room.

Why? Well, here’s my take: I’ve been working at my craft for many years – I know the material can change lives, and I know that I present it well to my audience. But I’m certain that the real magic doesn’t happen at the front of the room – The real magic takes place in the interactions and connections that happen throughout the weekend. It’s here that concepts solidify and take shape, where good ideas become great ideas that lead to growth and transformation.

I really get to see this in action during Day 3 of the event that’s exclusively reserved for the members of my Power Collective – This is my high-end money program for business owners and/or couples who want to transform their business and career income into multi-million dollar net worth. [For more info, you can check out this page.]

10. No matter how successful you are, never stop being the student

A certain level of success brings with it a tendency – even a pressure – to pre­tend that we know more than we do. But the secret to achieving lasting success is that success is not a destination at all – It’s a continuous journey.

Over the course of the Wealthy Wellthy weekend, we all learned from each other. No pedestals. Instead we all sat as equals owning our individual crafts. A dance of give and receive. With open minds and hearts we shared our knowledge easily and freely. Everyone – myself included – left with new additions to their circle of influence, new information and guidance on how to apply the collective wisdom for a better, richer, happier — more magical — life.  

If you’re interested in joining me at my next mastermind retreat, tickets are now available!

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