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Episode Summary

Joe Dituri was with the U.S. Navy active duty for over 28 years and served as a special operations saturation diver. He has been in 2,000 ft. below the ocean surface while serving in the U.S. Navy and has a master’s degree in Astronautical Engineering. Currently, Joe is working on his dissertation for his PhD in Biomedical Engineering and is looking at new methodologies and therapies using hyperbaric chambers as medicine. In addition, Joe is also a fellow at The Explorers Club as well as a special committee member for the American Bureau of Shipping.

In this episode, we talk about the technology of hyperbarics and how useful they are in efficacy for wound healing as well as for overall performance in our health. Joe describes his experience at the recent WealthyWellthy live event, his history with Kirk in the U.S. Navy, and his interest in astronautical engineering. We discuss the use of hyperbarics as an alternative way to treat cancer and how the synergistic effects of hyperbarics and chemotherapy can be extremely beneficial. However, we do encourage you to be aware of your own safety and to always do research before going to a pop-up clinic.

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What We Covered

  • [02:47] – What was Joe’s experience at the WealthyWellthy live event like
  • [03:22] – Sometimes we’re the masters and sometimes we’re the students
  • [04:52] – How far do Joe and Kirk go back as Navy men
  • [06:31] – What exactly does Joe do and how he joined the military
  • [07:57] – What is astronautical engineering
  • [09:43] – How does Joe’s work with hyperbarics apply to the real world today
  • [14:18] – Hyperbarics is a tool that can be synergistic with other things
  • [16:40] – How does hyperbarics work and the benefits of hyperbarics
  • [20:08] – Hyperbarics in relation to treating cancer
  • [23:48] – Joe’s recommendation for those looking for alternative ways to treat cancer
  • [27:28] – Normal physicians are myopic when it comes to hyperbarics
  • [31:35] – There’s lots of ways to get your hormones to an ideal state
  • [33:34] – Antioxidants can be made by your body during a hyperbaric condition
  • [35:59] – General safety tips for going into hyperbaric chambers
  • [39:32] – Why the cost-benefits of hyperbarics might not be for everyone


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