#100 – Creating Your Own Money Magic with Krisstina & Dr. Parsley

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Episode Summary

In this special edition episode of WealthyWellthy, Krisstina and her partner, Dr. Kirk Parsley, do a recap of the WealthyWellthy live event that was recently held at Krisstina’s house. They talk about the magic of making money, the magic of life, the magic of getting back to what really matters, the magic of love, the magic of conversation, the magic of whitespace, and just pure magic. Krisstina and Dr. Parsley share some of the magic that happened at the live event as well as their amazement of the rawness of the event. Krisstina expresses her passion of creating a happy life through the journey of discovering one’s self through being mindful of one’s money and health, as well as stresses the importance of removing your ego. The hunt for external validation and significance is unnecessary compared to the importance of space and giving ourselves space to feel. Krisstina and Dr. Parsley ask the poignant question: do you believe in magic, but more importantly, do you believe in yourself?

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What We Covered

  • [03:08] – Live events are a space where people can be real and express their true selves
  • [03:47] – Krisstina on dealing with shingles at the last live event and the theme of magic
  • [05:00] – The biggest part of the magic was the announcement of how WealthyWellthy has changed in a little bit
  • [05:10] – The idea and name of WealthyWellthy
  • [06:28] – Dr. Parsley was one of Krisstina’s gurus on health and happiness
  • [09:25] – Some of Dr. Parsley’s favorite parts of the live event
  • [13:32] – Krisstina explains what the live event is
  • [14:43] – Krisstina’s lecture on money magic and the chase we’re all living in
  • [17:26] – Why we have so many excuse for missing life
  • [18:58] – The magic of money is the way you create it
  • [22:06] – Everything is solvable and it’s how you allow yourself to move on
  • [23:23] – The other part of the magic was for everybody to feel their own magic
  • [25:13] – The intention of the event
  • [29:51] – Nobody was less than at the event
  • [33:30] – Finding your own definition of success
  • [34:38] – What does alternative wealth management really mean
  • [35:47] – Time and space are the same thing
  • [39:23] – Some of the magic Dr. Parsley saw
  • [42:36] – What Krisstina loved most about the event
  • [46:42] – Social media isn’t real
  • [49:37] – Real life and experiences is in the journey
  • [51:50] – We have to give ourselves room
  • [54:23] – Whatever was meant to happen will happen
  • [57:40] – The event was a success—every single person changed for the better
  • [59:42] – Once you do whatever it is you do it becomes normal
  • [1:03:53] – The magic isn’t more information or more sales
  • [1:04:32] – There is no future—the reward is in the now
  • [1:05:18] – The goal of life is growth and experience
  • [1:08:55] – What money is
  • [1:12:43] – Happiness is in the balance


[Tweet “The idea that we’re all in the chase, like everybody’s in the gosh-darn chase, we’re chasing happiness, we’re chasing money, we’re chasing health, we’re in the chase…and we don’t realize the magic is right here right now.”]
[Tweet “These events are so magical, not by design, but really by the people that come.”]
[Tweet “Money and health are the roots that grow happiness, but they’re not the destination.”]
[Tweet “Without my body I can’t create a healthy life.”]
[Tweet “I think really everybody was helping everybody.”]
[Tweet “We have so many excuses for missing life because we’re after the wrong things the wrong way.”]
[Tweet “There was no loneliness—all there was, was love and magic in the room because everybody had the permission to truly be themselves.”]
[Tweet “Well, everybody can be an expert on Facebook.”]
[Tweet “Every single person in that room grew, like grew in some way and I don’t think anyone probably grew for what they thought they were coming here for, though.”]
[Tweet “As long as we’re attached to outcome and whatever we’re after is out there somewhere, we’re completely missing it and the only way to get it is to create it, and the only way to create it is to have the space to do it, and the only way to have the space to do it is to not be locked up by ourselves.”]
[Tweet “The correct outcome is the outcome.”]
[Tweet “The reward is always in the now.”]

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