#103 – A Healthy Dose of Wellness Wisdom with Jonathan Mendoza and Baldomero Garza

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Episode Summary

Jonathan Mendoza and Baldomero “Baldo” Garza are business partners at MSW Lounge, a local Austin business where you can drop in to get a needed healthy dose of vitamins and minerals through an IV, a shot, and/or customized supplements. Jonathan is a health practitioner trained in both traditional and alternative medicine and Baldo is a business sales entrepreneur, an exercise and wellness junkie, and IronMan-turned-Yogi. Their ambition is the help the world become healthier and happier by sharing health wisdom and therapies in customized health plans that most people are unaware of.

In this episode, we talk about the unknown importance of vitamin and minerals and the fact that most of us are deficient in many, which leads to a lack of energy and even a cascade of health problems. Jonathan and Baldo complement each other as business partners and friends; their camaraderie can be shown as they speak highly of each other in this episode. The pair both explain their background with mental and physical health and tell their inspiring entrepreneurial story of how they created their business. They also give a lesson on what vitamins and minerals you should be looking for, for your health. Jonathan and Baldo strive to bring fun into health with their business.

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What We Covered

  • [02:27] – When did Krisstina meet Jonathan and Baldo
  • [03:11] – Baldo’s background, how he met Jonathan, and his interest in yoga
  • [08:41] – Jonathan’s background and his love for science and health
  • [14:00] – The beginnings of developing MSW Lounge
  • [16:52] – What was Jonathan and Baldo’s pact to each other
  • [19:31] – Why Jonathan and Baldo’s story is the quintessential entrepreneurial story
  • [23:09] – How Jonathan and Baldo are truly changing healthcare
  • [24:54] – How things would be different if Jonathan was working on his own
  • [27:32] – Baldo speaks about Jonathan’s passion to make a difference
  • [29:26] – What is the exact work Jonathan and Baldo are doing and why is it important
  • [31:39] – What Jonathan’s big dream has always been
  • [36:02] – A brief lesson on vitamins and minerals
  • [38:53] – Where to start learning more about vitamins and minerals
  • [44:58] – Understanding your body and why you’re taking certain vitamins
  • [50:14] – A look at some other important vitamins and minerals
  • [54:15] – Why taking too much acetaminophen is dangerous to your liver
  • [56:32] – What is functional medicine and what does it do
  • [58:19] – Tips to implement into your daily routine
  • [1:02:10] – The active form of a vitamin means it’s more useful for the body
  • [1:02:51] – What’s the importance of P-5-P
  • [1:07:02] – How can listeners be more proactive in their health
  • [1:10:54] – The myth Jonathan wants to bust
  • [1:11:42] – The myth Baldo wants to bust
  • [1:13:38] – A reflection on the WealthyWellthy Live Event


[Tweet “Going to college, you learn a little bit more about yourself as an athlete. You tend to notice when you have aches and pains and you wonder, “Hey, I got an injury here, well what is that muscle they keep talking about in rehab?””]
[Tweet “So many of the entrepreneurial success stories are about the success, we’re not talking about what happens before the success—the fear, the sacrifice, the tears.”]
[Tweet “We believe that we’re truly changing healthcare. Every single time we’ve talked to someone I believe that we’re making a difference.”]
[Tweet “My big dream has always been to just to disrupt and change the status quo.”]
[Tweet “Vitamins are life’s ingredients in order to function.”]
[Tweet “The liver is one of the most amazing organs you’re ever going to read about. When healthy, the liver can literally be cut in half and it regenerates the other half.”]
[Tweet “P-5-P allows your body to produce more serotonin, dopamine, melatonin, and it detoxifies the brain and liver.”]

Links Mentioned

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